Ways To Keep Your Workout Room Organized

Ways To Keep Your Workout Room Organized

Your home gym has probably gotten more use than ever during these past few months, and it might be hard to keep it clean. Staying organized in every room of your home is important for your wellbeing, but in a workout room, organization is essential to your health. This list of ways to keep your workout room organized will prevent clutter and create beneficial organization habits that will stick around.

Install Wall Hooks and Shelves

Small gym equipment, like lighter weights and bands, are easy to keep on your walls and off your floors—especially when you have limited space. Hooks and shelving will not only give you extra organization tools, but they’ll also serve as décor for your workout room. You can even store yoga mats underneath shelves in the supports that hold them up. Keep everything easily accessible unless you don’t plan to use an item often.

Be sure to use your home’s studs to your advantage! Studs are the backbones of your home. Screwing a hook into a stud increases the hook’s stability, meaning that it can hold more weight. Be wary of how much weight you put on hooks or shelves. Cords and ropes won’t have problems dangling from hooks, but too many weights on a shelf can be dangerous.

Keep Workout Space Separate From Living and Work Areas

Especially when working out primarily from home, it can be tempting to bring dishes, food, or your work laptop into the home gym. Don’t do this! Not only does it add more to your post-workout chores, but it can also take you out of the workout groove. Try to keep all your equipment in one space that you can access during a workout without interruption.

It will also help if you keep your workout clothes, clean and dirty, in an area within or near your workout room. Organize your workout wardrobe regularly to make the transition into exercising as smooth as possible. Fewer distractions before or during a workout will promote discipline and allow you to push yourself to your limits.

Use Ceiling Space for Exercise Balls

Exercise balls take up a lot of space and can be pesky to store efficiently. Few items will utilize ceiling space, making it the perfect location for your exercise ball. Use a bungee cord or install a toy storage hammock, and attach each end to make a nook in a ceiling’s corner. Support the ball with the bungee cord or hammock for accessible, out of the way storage. The space you save by keeping your exercise balls off the floor or out the closet will add even more ways to keep your workout room organized and extra areas to place storage solutions.

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