Ways To Practice Hygge With Family This Winter

Ways To Practice Hygge With Family This Winter

Hygge can be a difficult concept to explain, as it is not a word that translates directly within language or lifestyle. Hygge is simply a Scandinavian way of life, a mindset of coziness that is lived without thinking. You probably already practice hygge regularly without even knowing it.

If you pronounce it correctly, hygge (hoo-gah) almost sounds like a feeling. To sum the concept up in a few words, the hygge way finds ease, togetherness, contentment, and joy in the everyday moments. Channeling the true spirit of hygge is perfect for wintertime. If you’re curious about some ways to practice hygge with family this winter, let’s consider a few methods to do it as the Danes do.

Put the Electronics Away

You can already imagine the ultimate hygge scene in your head. A cozy atmosphere at home with your significant other or kids in which you feel safe, present, and secure at the moment. The best way to practice hygge is to put away distractions and embrace your current surroundings.

Our modern digital lifestyle is wonderful for staying connected with those far from you, but it can keep you from being fully present. Instead, try to spend quality time with loved ones who are nearby and do not isolate yourself away. Be present and make conversations with your family that are meaningful and intentional. Even ten minutes of your time can create connectivity, small moments of bonding that will last a lifetime.

Savor the Simple Things

Out of the variety of ways you can choose to practice hygge with family this winter, savoring simplicity in its many forms will provide the contentment you seek. Light up your favorite candles, sit down on the couch with a nice blanket and good book, or sit on the floor with a board game or a puzzle for the whole family to enjoy.

Remember that hygge is a feeling, not something you can directly buy for comfort. Hygge is comfort in itself, and it’s completely free. Slow down this winter and think about the small things that bring your family joy during these troubled times. Enjoy these precious moments you all have to savor, rather than an agenda that needs to be constantly lived out.

Bring on the Warmth

Hygge cultivates a calming mindset, and a wonderful way to enhance comfort is with warmth. A good way to practice hygge is to bundle up for a walk in nature together. Because of the shorter days that deprive the world of more sunlight, any time spent outdoors will rejuvenate your internal warmth despite the lingering cold.

To bring hygge into your home this winter, sip on hot tea or hot cocoa and cozy up together. Turn on the oven and bake up a storm of cookies or muffins. It could be a perfect time to invest in a hot tub or a fireplace for further bonding opportunities with your family. Either way, follow the flow of those around you and not the pace that exists outside. Life goes on, so continue to live on with the hygge mentality of gratitude.