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Ways To Spice Up Your Fashion for Fall

Ways To Spice Up Your Fashion for Fall

There are new trends growing in popularity this fall, and now is the perfect time to try new things. Consider purchasing a leather jacket or trying a new nail color. Be bold with patterned tights. Read more about up-to-date trends as you explore the ways to spice up your fashion for fall.

Brown Leather Accessories

Leather accessories are a must for fall. From the black leather bomber jacket to a brown leather duster, these pieces truly never go out of style during the autumn seasons. This fall, brown leather is most popular. Consider buying a brown leather jacket, boots, belt, or small purse.

New Nail Colors

Nail color trends often change with each season. This fall is a great time to try new colors. Buy traditional nail polish, try nail dips, or head to the salon. Researching some of the top nail color trends for fall can inspire you before you choose a color.

Turtle Necks

The turtle neck has always been a popular choice, both as a classic and for staying warm. This fall, look for thin turtle necks to pair with high-waisted pants and skirts. Heavy-knit turtle neck sweaters will also be current.

Printed Tights and Leggings

Another notable way to spice up your fashion for fall is buying new tights and leggings. Especially common now are printed tights and leggings. The patterns, like polka-dots, florals, and black plaid look great with solid color skirts and dresses. They especially complement pleated skirts which are also popular this fall. If you’re feeling gutsy, try the new trend of deliberate mismatching. Buy clothes with different, yet flattering, patterns than your printed tights.

Retro Jeans

Retro styles from the 60s through 90s are all the rage in jeans this fall. From 60s and 70s-style large bell-bottoms, to the 80s acid wash jeans, to wide-leg baggy jeans inspired by the 90s—these pieces can really bring your outfit together. Wear them with the right tops and accessories for that retro yet updated flair.