What are the merchandising techniques for grocery stores?

Grocery stores are places where people want to pick up a few things in a hurry. Retailers must ensure that they meet consumer expectation to the fullest because user experience makes the difference between profit and loss. But at the same time, retailers must also look after their own interest by ensuring that customers spend more time at the store because the majority of visitors to supermarkets do not have any intention of buying. Retailers must capitalize on this attitude and create such a store layout that the design can stimulate the desire to shop. The geography of the store influences the spending of consumers and retailers must know the art of merchandizing by using Lemontree supermarket produce displays that boost sales. 

How best you can bring the products in front of consumers and allow them to have a feeling that it is key to good merchandising that determines the fate of retail stores. In this article, we will discuss how to do good merchandising. 

Table and Shelf placement

Where and how you place the products on the tables and shelves, send a subtle signal to consumers that influence their purchasing decision. Keeping the lowest priced products near at hand with easier access helps to entice consumers. Then they get drawn to pricier products that sit on the highest shelves generally termed as ‘top shelf’ in retail parlance. Lower shelve products are like appetizers that create the hunger for high priced products by encouraging consumers to engage in purchase regardless of price or promotion.  Place the least popular or generic products at the lower shelves. Next, are the products placed at eye level or reach a level which has competitive price and suited for impulsive purchase that also entices consumers. To promote generics belonging to smaller categories, place the store brand to the right of the premium brands.

Promotional placements

Gondolas or vertical storage shelves located on the store’s end cap are the best places for displaying promotional products. The customers are aware of the location that has become a standard. They would usually move towards it to seek bargains.  Select promotional products with the highest profit margins for your business over the best promotional or lowest price offer.  For close-out items, use offer bins or dump bins as it relates to low prices.

Display of fresh foods

When laying out, produce displays create a combination of colors by alternating vegetables with brightly colored produce like placing red bell peppers beside carrots as it enhances the attraction and catches the eyes of consumers quickly. Bakery display cases must have black backing for the same reason. Use glass shelves in display cases or drape it in colorful fabrics that complement the merchandising promotion. To garner an emotional response from consumers that triggers the desire to purchase using bottles of wines or flowers, prop is a good idea.  

Allowing consumers more exposure to products as they walk along the aisle can encourage them to indulge in an unplanned purchase. Place destination purchases like dairy and milk products at the farthest end of the store. 

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