What Are Your Options to Deal with Facet Syndrome Pain in Fort Washington

Stats show that 93.7% of Fort Washington’s population has health coverage. Fort Washington is also home to some of the best pain management specialists in the country. You may consider checking for facet joint syndrome if you have persistent neck pains or back pains.

People with this condition may suffer intense pain and discomfort from simple movements like bending, twisting, or lifting. In most cases, doctors or pain management specialists can manage the condition with medication and exercise. 

However, other cases call for more complex treatment methods. For example, if you suspect you have facet syndrome pain, you may visit an expert specializing in pain management in Fort Washington

What is Facet Syndrome Pain?

Facet syndrome pain is pain resulting from facet joint syndrome. It is a condition that results from degenerative changes to joints between vertebrae, causing cartilage breakdown. You may experience severe pain and inflammation if you have facet joint syndrome. 

Research shows that facet syndrome is a common condition that could develop into a severe, long-term issue if left untreated. The chances of facet syndrome leading to lasting lumbar pain are close to 36%. 

The most significant risk associated with this condition is that it could develop into a permanent disability. There are two types of facet joint syndrome: facet syndrome in cervical vertebrae and lumbar facet syndrome. 

An expert doctor or a medical professional working in pain management in Fort Washington can help you detect and manage the condition. It’s critical to consult a certified expert since the treatment requires knowledge of spinal structure, synovial joints, and spinal functions. 

Stats show that over 40% of facet syndrome patients are over 45 years old. Therefore, it’s vital to check for facet joint syndrome if you are over 40 and experience frequent neck pains. The condition could also be secondary to other conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Treatment Options

Your pain management specialist will run necessary tests and scans to study the severity of your condition. The expert may then prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers to help manage the pain. The treatment options may also vary based on the age and overall health condition of the patient. 

Pain Medication

You may experience severe neck pains and back pains if you have facet joint syndrome. Usually, most patients find it challenging to manage without pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. 

However, you may note that pain killers and NSAIDs can only help alleviate and manage the pain. The drugs are not an effective cure for the condition. A pain management specialist can determine the severity of the condition and recommend appropriate corrective action or treatment. 

Physical Therapy

Medical experts treat most cases of facet joint syndrome with non-invasive treatment options like physiotherapy. Physical therapy helps improve body mechanics and muscle strength. Specific physiotherapy exercises can also correct issues with spinal alignment. 

Additionally, physiotherapy can also help decompress nerves. Improved muscular and nerve health may help reduce the intensity of the condition and keep it from aggravating. If experts cannot manage your condition with physiotherapy, they may refer you to a surgeon.

It’s crucial to consult a top-rated pain management specialist at the earliest if you have facet joint syndrome. Early identification and treatment may help prevent complex treatment options like surgery.

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