What Does an Organic E Liquid Contain?

Screen Shot 2018 06 17 at 10.46.38 PMElectronic cigarettes have been in the market for more than 10 years, but there are still people who do not know what an organic e juice contains. Moreover, some people, especially those who conceive laws and who should be best informed, believe that the e-juice falls into the category of tobacco products. Moreover, the media puts into circulation unfounded rumors that they contain carcinogenic substances or even antifreeze. If you are accustomed to believing everything the media says, you probably have come to believe that.

If you want to find out what the liquids for the electronic cigarette contains, read this article further and forget what you read in the press, because almost everywhere there are lies that completely ignore the scientific truth.

PG and VG

Electronic cigarette fluids are composed of substances that have strange names. But only the names are weird, because the substances themselves are completely harmless to the body.

The two basic ingredients in the e-liquids are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Vegetable glycerin is also the main ingredient in nitroglycerin, which, although known as an unstable and explosive substance, is a drug used by those with heart problems. So, it’s very easy to make forced analogies and believe that, just because you’re vaping a VG elite, you risk it exploding in front of you. Nothing more fake!

In fact, vegetable glycerin is a 100% safe chemical for the body, used as an ingredient in many products we consume in our everyday life. The food industry uses it as a sweetener, the cosmetic in soaps and lotions, and the pharmaceutical in medicine.

VG in electronic cigarette liquids is a 100% natural substance. The chemical name is only a notion that scientifically classifies a substance. Even water can sound dubious when we call it dihydrate monoxide (H2O).

There is only one problem with vegetable glycerin: it is a thicker substance, which means it is not suitable for certain atomizers that may clog if the VG is not diluted with a less viscous substance, such as PG. Propylene glycol is another substance used in the food industry as a humectant, but also in pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of medicaments, toothpastes and creams.


Nicotine is probably the most controversial ingredient in the electronic cigarette liquids. According to the conspiracy theories, nicotine e-liquids are in fact part of an evil plan to get children to smoke. In fact, nicotine is not so addictive if it does not come in with the other toxic substances in cigarette smoke. And if you are a smoker and you want to give up the vice, nicotine e-liquids are exactly what you need to be able to give up on cigarettes without suffering and without going through the withdrawal that so many smokers are scaring.

Also, nicotine has never been associated with the risk of cancer, despite the desperate efforts of some to find evidence in this regard. Nicotine is indeed toxic in high doses, but it is impossible to overdo it by pumping it, just by swallowing it. Also, if you refill your e-liquid and get a few drops on your skin, do not fret, because you will not waste anything. In fact, you can get rid of the contents of a whole bottle, and nothing is going to happen. Just wash your hands well after that and everything will be fine.


Another ingredient used in liquids for electronic cigarette is the flavor. The PG / VG base is almost insipid, with only a subtle taste of sweet. Without flavors, the e-liquid would have no charm.

Flavors used in e-liquids are also completely harmless to the body, and thanks to them we have a huge variety of electronic cigarette fluids available on the market. You should always be aware that you have to have measure in everything, and as long as you don’t exaggerate, everything will be ok. You can find a lot of flavors for the e-liquid on the market and taste many great things. Find out more on how to choose the best e-cig and get the most out of the vaping experience. You will become an expert in no time.

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