What To Consider When Buying Supplies for Your Salon

What To Consider When Buying Supplies for Your Salon

Whether you’re new to the business or have been operating a salon for a while, you’ll need to get fresh supplies at some point. But there are so many options on the market. How do you know what to consider when buying supplies for your salon? Here are some tips to make you an informed buyer.

Consider New vs. Used Supplies

Salon supplies receive lots of use in short amounts of time. Therefore, you’ll only want to purchase new items in most cases. Unless you’re buying from a highly trusted seller or friend, opt to find new equipment. It will look better in your salon, and you’ll be sure of the quality of the product that you’re getting.

Think About the Long Run

As a hairstylist, your job is dependent on your physical health. If you injure yourself, you probably won’t be able to work. When this happens, you temporarily won’t have an income. Luckily, the industry is aware of this and designs ergonomic tools, such as swivel thumb shears. Although they’re more expensive, they’re well worth the initial costs because you’ll be able to reduce repetitive strain injuries. Make use of these types of tools whenever possible.

Test Each Item

Another thing to consider when buying supplies for your salon is whether they work as they should. Therefore, make sure to test things out before purchasing them. It would be disastrous for an advertisement to bewitch you into spending hundreds of dollars on an item that doesn’t function. Testing shears can also give you a better idea of the correct shear size for your business. When ordering hair products, ask companies if they have a sample set that you can request to experiment with trusting clients at the salon.

Purchase From Suppliers With Money-Back Guarantees

Many distributors offer a generous return policy. When you can’t test the product first, purchase from suppliers that offer this promise. Often, this guarantee goes hand-in-hand with high-quality products. Companies that know their supplies are worth the higher price tag will back up their claims.

Although all businesses need to purchase products and supplies over time, salons are unique. This is because of their emphasis on direct service, the front-facing nature of their industry, and the amount of foot traffic they receive.