What to Do If You Think a Will Is Forged

If you believe that your deceased loved one’s will was forged or if you think that their genuine bequeathal instructions aren’t being carried out, you must do something about it. Out of respect for their memory, you must be the one to ensure that their will is a true reflection of how they wished for their finances and assets to be split upon their passing.

Before you can fight this good fight and treat your loved one’s memory with the respect that it deserves, you’re going to need to prove that what you are saying is true. Here’s what you must do if you are ever convinced that a will has been forged:

Enlist the help of a handwriting expert

As you’re contesting the will based on forgery, the first step you need to take is to prove that the signature on the will is different to the signature that your deceased loved one used in life. A handwriting expert will be able to spot even the smallest of differences and inaccuracies in this instance, thus making them a vital form of assistance that you need to be getting on your side.

In order to prove whether or not the signature on the will is genuine or not, they’re first going to need to study a number of your loved one’s legitimate signatures. You should, then, set about the task of finding a number of their signatures (10-20 would be best) right away — these samples can come from any letters that they may have signed or even their bank/credit cards.

The handwriting expert that you enlist to help you will, of course, also need the original sample of the will to analyze. To be granted access to this document, you’re first going to need the probate court file number. What’s more, in order to ensure that you aren’t tampering with potential evidence, you’re also going to need to organize for an executor to witness your handling of the will.

Get yourself a lawyer

You do not necessarily need to hire a lawyer (or specialist inheritance solicitor, as they are officially known) to prove that forgery has taken place, but it is very much recommended. With such an expert by your side, the likes of which can be found at the-inheritance-experts.co.uk, you will be able to tap into industry knowledge throughout the entire duration of your contestation process. More to the point, your partner will study, scrutinize, and question the legitimacy of the will on your behalf, which will only ever result in you standing a far better chance of proving that your loved one’s will was in fact forged.

If you are able to back up your forgery accusations with evidence and prove that the will of your loved one was tampered with, then the whole testament will be deemed invalid. Once this has happened, you will then be able to put plans into place with regards to unearthing the legitimate will.

Take the above advice, and never take forgery lying down!

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