What to Do When the CPAP Machine is Too Loud?

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One of the most annoying things in the world is noise. Especially during sleeping, one can get irritated when there is noise that will disturb your sleep. These disturbances could come from outside your home, from the cars passing on the street, or your neighbors having a party. It could also come from the inside of your house like the loud washing machine, turning and washing your clothes, the TV show that someone is watching or the snoring sound from your sleeping partner or children. 

Noise can disturb you while you sleep and can cause you to wake up several times which makes you lose the rest that you so deserve. Moreover, constant sleepless nights because of disturbing noises can be detrimental to your health and can cause mental and physical problems. If you are sensitive to noise, then it is better that you address these issues before they even affect your health. Click here to learn more about noise sensitivity. 

One of the ways that you can address these problems is, of course, to make sure that your home is soundproof from outside noise. This is usually done during construction or during renovation where good quality materials are used to build your walls and soundproofing materials are used inside your drywall. There are ways to soundproof your home and it’s best to talk to an engineer before building your own home to make sure that no outside noise can disturb you and your family. 

Snoring is also a major problem from within the home. You, your partner, or your children may snore. This is a health problem that may or may not have adverse effects on the body. However, this can be treated and the disturbing sound that comes along with it. This condition can be remedied, of course, by an operation but there are also a lot of non-invasive procedures to take care of this kind of problem.

One of the non-invasive ways to take care of this problem is to use a CPAP machine. A CPAP machine or a continuous positive airway pressure machine is a device that regulates your breathing. This is normally used to treat sleep apnea whose symptoms include snoring.  The machine works by applying constant pressure on the airways to make sure that it stays open the whole time you are sleeping. 

A CPAP machine can definitely help with snoring and can take care of that disturbance but this machine may pose a different problem on its own too. This machine may not be as irritating as the snore of a person but it can still be disturbing as this device also produces its own noise. Some would consider it as white noise and can be beneficial in drowning out all other disturbing sounds. However, if you are sound-sensitive, then this can still be bad for you. 

Here are some ways to deal with a loud CPAP machine

Sleep in a different room

The first thing you can do is to sleep in a different room from the person using the CPAP device. The device creates noise but it is not very loud like a snore or other loud noises. If you transfer to a different room then there is little chance that you will be disturbed by the sounds coming from the device. You can also ensure that you don’t get disturbed by reinforcing the room where you sleep with soundproofing materials. You can ask soundproof experts about this and they will gladly help you out. You can also visit this link to learn more about soundproofing: soundproofpros.com/cpap-machine-noise-issues/

Buy a quieter CPAP

If you are sound sensitive, then one of the things that you should do before buying a CPAP device is to test it out. By testing it out, you will be able to hear the sound that it makes and judge if you can handle the noise. Some machines are louder while others are quieter. Ask your doctors to help in finding one that is not so loud. 

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Another solution to your problem, especially if you are the one using the CPAP, is to wear earplugs while you sleep. Earplugs will make sure that you hear nothing while you sleep which can give you the best undisturbed sleep of your life. 

Taking care of noises that disturb you is a good decision. Making sure that your sleep is undisturbed allows you to rest and regain your energy for the next day. This will also keep you healthy and strong so make sure that nothing bothers you as you sleep. 

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