What To Know About Choosing a Party Rental Company

What To Know About Choosing a Party Rental Company

Celebrations, even socially distanced ones, often require more supplies than you have on hand. You know that tables, chairs, and even tents to accommodate and shelter guests are available for rent. With many firms offering this kind of service, you’ll have to narrow your list to the one that will best serve your needs. Here’s what to know about choosing a party rental company.

What Supplies Can They Provide?

Some companies specialize, while others provide comprehensive lists of available supplies. If you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, the company that can provide child-sized chairs and tables may not offer formal linens and dining utensils. Companies that rent, put together, and take down tents might also offer tables, linens, and chairs, but not glassware. Get the list of available supplies from companies you’re considering to see if they can meet your needs.

Quality of the Supplies

Chipped china, stained linens, or rickety chairs will ruin your event. Visit the company’s showroom in person (with a mask!) or online to get an idea of the kind of quality they can supply. Ask for references and check reviews to get an idea of whether customers received the correct supplies that they ordered.

Services Offered

Some party supply companies make you pick up and return items instead of providing that service for you. If you don’t want to find yourself schlepping crates of linens and boxes of china to and from the supplier, find a company that will do that for you.

Experience and Network

If you’re planning an intimate outdoor wedding, make sure the company providing the tent knows what they’re doing. Ask how long they’ve been in business, what happens in case of bad weather, and how much time they need to erect and secure the tent.

Quality party rental companies build networks of event planners, caterers, and florists. Ask about the company’s experience working with other services you’ll hire for your event. Make sure you feel confident that the supplier will get their part done on time, and allow others to provide their services without interference or scheduling mishaps.

Gatherings and celebrations will come back after the pandemic of 2020. Event planning often takes months, so keeping these tips about choosing a party rental company will prepare you to get a jump start on events scheduled for the latter part of 2021.