What To Know Before Donating Items To Charity

What To Know Before Donating Items To Charity

No matter the time of day, week, or month, we consistently strive to prove that our intentions of volunteering or donating are genuine. However, after dedicating time and energy to something, people may soon become deceived when donated items are distributed to displaced groups. So, as we donate personal belongings to charity, we need to know who the charity supports and how the donations benefit others. To help you out, we have a guide on what to know before donating items to charity.

Visit and Speak With the Charity

Before dropping off any goods, it’s essential to determine a charity’s mission and how it uses received donations to help displaced groups, such as veterans and the homeless. Also, it’s crucial to find out what items are needed the most; this ensures you’re not inundating the charity with piles of donations they won’t be able to give away.

All Clothing Items Should Be Washed and Inspected

If you went to a thrift right now and picked out a shirt or pants, would you want them to smell or have tears or stains on them? Of course not! We wouldn’t either, which is why you must wash all clothing thoroughly and inspect for any stains, holes, or strange odors before you make the donation. As a bonus tip, ensure you wash clothes without a fragrance enhancer or laundry detergent, as a potential buyer might be sensitive to perfumes.

Donate Items by Season

We’ve all bought clothes over the years and have used them in different ways for every season. However, when it comes to donating clothes that aren’t designed for the current season, things can get messy. For example, if you contribute a warm wool coat in July, many charities won’t put it out on the floor until months later, leading to massive overstock issues and decreasing the amount of room for the current season’s clothing. Instead of giving all your clothes away, try and donate by season; that way, you have an easy way to update your wardrobe and donate clothes that charities can use and give away promptly.

As you prepare to make donations, the most essential part of our list of what to know before donating items to charity is to donate what you can. Without donating to charities, we wouldn’t have a way to contribute to those in need. So, continue to contribute and donate to charities that hold a special place in your heart.