What to look for in a mattress for couple’s use?

Sleeping together can create a strong bond between couples; to ensure that both you and your better-half get a good night’s sleep curled up in each other’s arm, or facing the other, and wake up fresh in the morning, you need to have the right bed that can cradle your bodies well. Choosing one for a couple is challenging because of having possible differences in tastes and preferences. To work out the best choice, you two should attempt to adjust your needs a bit so that both can have something to enjoy.

Anyway, in this buyer’s guide for purchasing a mattress for couples, you will learn about a few things that can significantly contribute to your decision-making when you shop for a bed.

Types and sizes of mattress

First of all, you need to have a durable frame and foundation in your bed so that it can easily carry your and your partner’s weight, even when you two are in action. Having strong central support more than what a twin mattress can provide is essential. As per the size goes, it should be wide enough to accommodate two members comfortably. A 60-inch queen size bed is a standard choice. However, if you want to lay your hand on the best option, it should be King size that generally measures up to 76-inch wide and 80-inch long. Some couples opt for full XL choices also, but they face a problem with their narrow width. You may also want to consider a mattress designed to prevent hot sleeping if you will be sharing it with your partner.

Characteristics of mattress

Motion transfer

Bed’s ability to isolate motion is quite a critical feature to watch out for if you are going to sleep on it with your partner. It helps the other person to sleep without any disturbance even when his or her bedmate is changing positions or trying to get out of it. You can get this feature in latex, memory foam, and pocket spring mattresses.


Another quality that you have to look for in a bed is its firmness. When both partners have the same preference, the choice becomes easy. But if one needs firmer and another softer base, then it can be a challenge. One plausible solution to this can be choosing a medium mattress, which balances softness and firmness, both. However, this may not be the most efficient solution. It will be better to consider your body weights, favorite sleeping positions, and physical conditions (if any) to arrive at a common choice.

Edge support

Single individuals generally sleep in the middle, so there isn’t much need for edge support. But couples will need this feature as both of them will eventually rest on the two sides of the bed. Lack of edge support can lead to sagging problems as well as cannot be suitable for sitting. 

So, when you buy a new mattress for you two, make sure to keep above-mentioned points in mind. At the same time, remember that this bed will be unique because it is going to witness some most intimate moments. Be aware of your sexual needs so that you can pick the best choice. Air, latex, and spring beds are some of the excellent options for those who engage in active sex and love to try different positions as these provide bounciness. If you have kids sleeping in the nearby room, you may want to choose something with noise and motion absorbing abilities. For that, going with latex or memory foam can be better.