What to Look for When Buying the Best Vaporizer Pen

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As it is, vaping is becoming a trend of topic all over the world especially now that it is beginning to find its way in the market and gaining popularity quite fast. Since the introduction of vaping, many people have turned to it, a huge number being those who have been using the traditional cigarettes before. 

This is mainly because it has been found that vaping has the ability to help an individual to quit smoking as it is being considered the best alternative to smoking. According to some studies and researches, vaping reduces the amount of toxins and other harmful chemicals that often gets into our bodies when we smoke the traditional cigarettes. 

This can be seen as a huge advantage to those who would love to enjoy the effects of smoking without putting their lives at risk. With this, the manufacturers of these vaping devices usually use different techniques to come up with different vaping devices to satisfy the need of their users, something that always leaves us guessing which ones are the best vaporizer pens. 

Looking for these devices in the market can be a difficult task especially when you have no clue about what you are supposed to be looking for. For that reason therefore, let us quickly look at a few things that you definitely need to check on when shopping for the best vaporizer for e liquid.

  • The vaping material

Before you spend your money on that vape pen, of course you must first know what you want to use on it. It is important to ask yourself whether you would like to use legal concentrates on it or dry materials. 

Maybe you want to use them both. Well, there are vape pens that are specially designed to be used with both materials but most of them are usually designed to use either one of them. This is why it is important to do your research before going to shop. 

If you want to use e-liquids, then you should go for a vape pen that has a tank and an atomizer or coils for heating purposes. If you are going to use dry materials, then go for a vape device that has a chamber with such keywords written on it “conduction heating” or “convection heating”.

  • The heating method

From the first point, you can quickly notice that the method of heating is also another thing that you need to check on. There are three different types of heating used by different vape pens. This include; convection, conduction and induction. 

For the convection heating, your vaping material won’t come to any contact with the element used for heating unlike conduction heating, this usually minimizes the risk over combustion hence not wasting your vaping material. 

Induction heating however, is not commonly used as the other two but it’s a new trend with the new vape pens on the market. This type of heating uses magnetic fields. Click here to see more about the heating methods.

  • Battery life

Most of these vaping devices use built-in batteries to power them up. If you are looking for a device that can stay for more days before you can recharge, then you will have to look for one with a bit larger body. 

This however, also depends on how often you use the pen. The output of the vaporizer also come into play. Devices using e-liquids often use more power as they have lower resistance coils that they use to produce more vapor and flavor too. 

Anyway, it still comes down to how small or big you want your vape pen to be and also how you intend to use it.

  • Ease of use

It is in human nature to always go for simple things to use. Of course you wouldn’t want to use something that will make you feel like you are controlling a space ship, right? 

Well, you can always find a vape pen that is quite simple to use but you can also find others with additional features like the temperature control among other things. In short, the more functionalities a vape pen has, the more it will be reducing the ease to use it.

  • The price
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Finally, you also need to check your budget range and only go for what you can afford. It doesn’t make any sense to get an expensive vape pen and just keep it because you don’t have any money left to buy the e-juice, right?


At any particular time when you want to go shopping for any item, make sure you do your research first before you can go spend your money on something that you might regret later. Anyway, there are a lot of things you can look for in a vape pen but the above tips can also help you get a good one. See this link for more information on vaping https://vapingdaily.com/what-is-vaping/