What You Need to Think About When Getting a Puppy or Dog

Getting a new pet at any time is a great experience I life. The joy that you get from your new addition cannot be duplicated or replicated. When you get a new puppy or dog, especially if this is your first one, everything can seem a bit much. There seems like too much to do and too much to think about. It is important that you make the right choices and decisions when looking after your new puppy or dog as they rely on you, and they depend on you. To make your life as a new puppy owner, or dog owner that bit easier you need to create a to-do list. Putting down everything you need to do and then prioritizing it will ensure that you are prepared and ready to embrace your new life as a pet owner.

Vets and Healthcare

From the first checkups to the regular boosters and vaccinations they need, you need to have a good vet on board. If you do not have a good vet on board then you will struggle to give your dog or puppy the care it needs, especially if an emergency situation arises. Finding a high-quality vet such as Kelly Crossing Animal Hospital and getting your pet registered should be one of the first things you do, if not the first thing. Having a vet on standby for emergencies is just as important as having them on hand for routine and regular visits. In addition to looking at vets you may also want to look at taking out health insurance or pet insurance for your new addition. Having adequate insurance will ensure that you don’t have to find the money for those emergency operations or accidents which of course occur when you least expect them.

Diet and Good Food

Your dog needs a healthy and balanced diet. Feeding them a mixture of dry and wet food that is rich in protein and low in additives is the way forward. Good food does not always come cheap, but it is worth its weight in gold. Poor quality dog food that is cheap can leave your dog or puppy looking drained and tired, it can affect their coat, leaving it dull, and it can affect their energy levels. Researching the type of good to give your dog is best, and speaking to professionals will be invaluable too.

Bedding and Accommodation

Where will your new puppy or dog sleep. Are they going to be in a crate in the living room, or are they going to be on your bed pushing you out each night? Establishing a good sleep routine, and good sleeping habits is important when bringing a new dog or puppy home. Of course, it will not be all plain sailing, there may be nights where your new addition is crying as they want to see you or they want some company, but on the whole the earlier you can set and stick to solid sleeping arrangements for your dog or puppy the better it will be on them and your whole family.

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