What You Should Wear To the Big Game

What You Should Wear To the Big Game

The country is coming out of its COVID coma and getting back to normal ever so slowly. Some parts of the country are relaxing lockdown restrictions more than others and some are even allowing sports.

A few NFL teams, including the Steelers, and some colleges are allowing fans to even attend games this fall. What the rest of the year will look like remains to be seen, but for now, there will be fans at some games soon. Eventually, stadiums for all sports will open across the land. Be ready and know what you should wear to the big game when that time comes. Also, don’t make these game-day clothing mistakes.

Dress for the Weather

Before pulling one single item out of the closet, check the weather. Outdoor sporting events go on through almost any kind of weather, so be ready for it. The majority of the football season is during the end of the year when it’s cold out. It doesn’t make sense to wear a cute sundress if there’s a chance of rain or it’s 40 degrees outside. You can still flash your personal style and stay warm and dry.

Home Team Jerseys

When in doubt, root for the home team. If you have no interest in either team but want to get into the spirit, wear something for the home team. At the game, there will be plenty of swag for sale dripping with the team colors and logo. Find out ahead of time what the team colors are and coordinate so you fit in with the fans.

Face Paint If You Dare

If you have a penchant for face paint and miss the old days of the drama club, a sporting event is the place. There aren’t too many places outside of Halloween you can get away with it. Take your game-day outfit to the next level and paint your face with something other than rouge. Keep it subtle with some eye black, like Left Eye from TLC, or a small logo on the cheek.

Accessorize and Keep It Practical

What you should wear to the big game is something that lets you be you. Going all out might not be for you; in that case, subtle is the name of the game. Every professional and college sports team has hundreds of items emblazoned with their logo. Find some cute earrings, a bracelet, or a ball cap to wear just to let everyone know you support the team and want to cheer them on.

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