When Do You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

The year 2020 saw cases of domestic violence-related assaults increase by almost 50% across Sydney. Sutherland and the Hills Shire recorded the most notable spikes, 49% and 41.5%, respectively.

While there are institutions in Sydney that stand by the victims in such cases, getting accused of domestic violence can wreak havoc on your life. In such situations, it is best to consult top domestic violence lawyers Sydney. They legally fight your case and focus on obtaining the best possible outcomes for you. Here’s when you need to hire them immediately.

You Face Charges of Domestic Violence

According to a 2019 report, 65% of domestic violence-related assault incidents in Sydney got cleared within 90 days of reporting.

But the legal ordeal you go through all this time can be overwhelming, particularly when you face severe domestic violence charges in Sydney. And if you do not handle the legal aspects of your case correctly or fail to hire a lawyer immediately, you can get subjected to a fine, jail time, or both.

However, an experienced Sydney lawyer can provide you with optimal legal representation, helping you with every legal facet of your domestic violence case. They ensure you avoid possible criminal charges and issues with any Family Law proceedings and penalties.

When Claimed That You Have Breached An Apprehended Domestic Violence Order

In 2017-2018, Sydney saw the count of women calling the elder abuse helplines exceed men, with emotional and financial abuse being the top reasons.

If you are the one accused in such cases, the situation can become grimmer if you already have an ADVO against your name and you breach it, as claimed made by the other party. It becomes vital that you seek legal advice from reputed domestic violence lawyers in Sydney immediately.

Top lawyers look for viable reasons for you coming in contact with the other person, even though you knew about ADVO. For instance, in Sydney, you may come within a certain distance from the other party when delivering or collecting your child. The attorneys will check if the other party has made claims when the circumstances of you coming in contact with them is lawful to build a solid defence for you.

You Need to Defend an Apprehended Violence Order

According to a 2016 report, south-western Sydney recorded around 4,100 domestic violence-related assault incidents, at a rate above NSW average. Most of these cases involved physical and sexual abuse.

If the other party has got you served with an AVO due to such reasons, or they make claims of you breaching the order, you need immediate legal support.

Lawyers in Sydney understand that matters concerning AVOs are urgent. So, they quickly assess the grounds on which the PINOP has served you with an AVO. They check if you have engaged in prohibited activities or intimidated the other party by harassing them physically or psychologically. It enables them to defend you in the best way possible.

Find A Reputed Domestic Violence Lawyer

From last year to June 2021, Greater Sydney has reported around 18k domestic violence-related assault crimes, the region’s third-highest type of serious offence.

If you ever face charges in such cases in Sydney, hire a reputed domestic violence lawyer without any delay. With a positive outcome, you can uphold your reputation and lead a respectable life in Sydney.

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