When Is the Best Time To Announce Your Pregnancy to Family

When Is the Best Time To Announce Your Pregnancy to Family

Sharing the news of your pregnancy is an invitation to a lot of things. Family members might send gifts, give advice, and really try to get involved, so moms-to-be will need to consider the benefits of when they choose to include others in their pregnancy. Understand the pros and cons for each trimester that help you decide when it’s the best time to announce your pregnancy to family.

Announcing in the 1st Trimester

For new moms who are adjusting to morning sickness, the effects of hormones on their mental health, and physical changes, the first weeks of pregnancy can be demanding and disheartening. Choosing to announce your pregnancy in the first trimester can help explain to loved ones what you’re going through and give you ample time to lay down the law for the kind of support you want.

The reason that some moms will advise against announcing early is that the chances of miscarrying are higher early on. However, if you are the type to seek the support of your family when in pain, having them present and aware in the event of a miscarriage can be an incredible tool for recovery.

Announcing in the 2nd Trimester

Many moms wait until at or after 12 weeks to give everyone the news. Part of the motivation for announcing in the second trimester is that your pregnancy will start to become apparent, whether you want it to or not! Glowing skin and a baby bump become apparent to family members, so finally letting them in on the secret can dispel any whispers.

Announcing in the middle of your pregnancy may, however, invite your family members to spend the next 12-24 weeks telling you things you already know, critiquing your choices, or causing drama. If you have a family that loves to cause a stir, you may prefer to wait or to confide in just a few close members.

Announcing in the 3rd Trimester

Waiting to announce your pregnancy until the last trimester is an impressive feat that’s become easier now that we are traveling less often. Not sharing the news with distant family until your third trimester allows you to have full control over your own pregnancy without judgment. While those who see you daily will certainly know, waiting until later on makes for an even bigger surprise for your family when the time comes.

No matter when you choose to announce, allowing your family to play a role in planning for your child’s birth can be an intense yet deeply beneficial choice for many mothers. Entrusting aspects of your pregnancy and motherhood to family members, perhaps with prior experience as well, gives you people to lean on as you face complex questions and tough decisions. While the choice won’t fit every mom, deciding the best time to announce your pregnancy to family and sharing the news can be a great relief as well as a practical choice!