Why aren’t you reaching orgasm? A guide to discovering new realms of pleasure in the bedroom.

It has recently been reported that a whopping four in 10 Americans have never reached orgasm… what?! That means 40% of us are left faking it, missing out on this eruption of pleasure… what’s worse, 17% of us have admitted to faking orgasms four times a month on average – and it’s not just women. Why are so many of us failing to catch the orgasm train? More importantly, how can we hop on board?

My name is Dan and as FemmeFunn’s Head of Marketing, a leading sex toy retailer, I know exactly how to help you reach orgasm; improving your sex life with toys that promise to better fulfill your unique needs. From plugs to vibrators and some simple, no holding back advice, I’m sharing my orgasm-fueling tips.

If you’re eager to start reaching orgasm, unveiling new realms of pleasure in the bedroom, then I’d pay close attention to this hotlist of unmissable sex toys (and our wise words…) – they really will make mediocre sex a thing of your past!


Delola is FemmeFunn’s dual-density rabbit vibrator and it teases and pleases like no other. Some people overlook the brilliance of rabbit-vibe sex toys, especially if they haven’t tried them before; however, the wavy texture of toys like this really does allow you to reach new realms of pleasure. Why settle for a traditional toy when alternatives like this have 8 different vibration modes?

Rabbit vibrators are also sculpted so as to maximize pleasure, stimulating your clitoris. Everyone needs a rabbit vibrator… their main benefit? They help you to reach orgasms much more quickly, and that definitely isn’t a bad thing! Meanwhile, research suggests that women who use rabbit vibrators orgasm for 17% longer than they would if they weren’t using a toy. 

You’re probably thinking “Great! More orgasms more quickly, what else could I possibly want?!”. Well, there is more you could want, and Delola has got that covered too… with a rabbit vibrator you could experience a blended orgasm. This means that, thanks to their vibrating ears and shaft, you could experience an orgasm at the same time in two different places. For example, a clitoral orgasm and an internal or G-spot orgasm. Rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at the same time, there really aren’t any downsides. Trust me.


If you’re in the mood for a dreamy orgasm with a pirouette that’s not necessarily essential in the ballet but definitely is in your bedroom, then give this toy a go. If you’re looking to improve your collection of sex toys, ensuring that you’re well equipped to reach orgasm whenever you want, then this toy, with dual clitoral stimulating heads and full 360-degree motion, will certainly lead you into an orgasmic trance.

When it comes to reaching orgasm, it’s important that you’re open to new things and enjoy sex in lots of different ways. You might fancy something more adventurous, or you might be looking for a more traditional, classic bedroom experience. To ensure that you can reach orgasm no matter what, it’s important to have a toy in your collection that fulfils all of your possible your fancies.

Funn Plug:

If you don’t already own a butt plug then you need to. I can’t put it any more bluntly. You just need to. Butt-focused toys like our Funn Plug will, without question, turn the heat up on your orgasms. If you thought there were only two types of orgasm you could experience, vaginal or clitoral, then you’re wrong. There are so many more orgasms you can enjoy thanks to stimulating different parts of you body! You can experience orgasms from all kinds of foreplay, including anal. In fact, lots of women say that they have their most powerful orgasms from anal penetration.

Basically, if you’re struggling to reach orgasm, then it’s probably best to try a different avenue. More specifically, your back door.

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