Why does Ej Dalius suggest SEO tactics for small business marketing?

No small business owner launches his or her business to hide it from users and customers. Every business owner’s objective is to sell the service and products that get designed and manufactured, keeping in mind the audience’s requirements. Small business owners want to get noted for their services and also make increased sales to record a favorable ROI. Before this happens, small business owners need to promote their brand using online marketing strategies. A few SEO tactics can also be of good help.

Eric J Dalius on SEO for small businesses

Small business companies have a restricted budget. Most small business owners can’t spend on costly marketing strategies. Hence, Eric J Dalius emphasizes the need to opt-in for local SEO tactics to enhance brand presence and visibility locally. Some of the best tactics that small business firms can opt-in for are:

  • “Add Google business information,” says Eric Dalius

Do you want your small business firm to get known by the local audience? If yes, you need to have the listing appear in Google My Business, Google Search, and Google Maps. Make sure that you add your updated business data. The listing must have your business name, location address, and outlet address, working hours, contact details, and email address. If you want, you can also add pictures to add more authenticity to your listing. Also, make sure that you respond to the customer reviews that come your way. It will help you to develop your local customer base.

  • Google maps on the website

When you use the Google Maps Embed API, you can have a street view interactive or panorama map on the website. Eric Daliussays that the entire method can get executed using one HTTP request. 

  • Generating reviews

Customer reviews are crucial for local ranking. According to Google, the customer reviews score, and the count gets factored in the local search ranking. And if a small business brand has more positive ratings and reviews, it will help generate a favorable business reputation. That is not all! When you have a helpful review, it can help the business to outshine other market players. Also, the customers will notice this business more and might make a purchase decision soon.

The task here is to get the customers to write a review. How can you do that? Ej Daliussuggests some of the best ways to do that:

  • Generate links to the review page on the website.
  • Provide a business card with the review page data. 
  • Request happy clients to share their views through a review.
  • Add the review page link in the email marketing draft. 

There will be a few customers who might write negative reviews as well. And it is necessary not to overlook the negative reviews. Make sure to address and embrace it courteously and take note of what the customer has to say. If there are a few points that you need to improve, you can make a note and implement the correct actions.

SEO and local SEO initiatives will take time to show the outcome. However, it is one of the best ways to promote a small business because it costs less and works effectively with consistent effort. 

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Eric Dalius is a Marketing Professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Penn State University who has generated over $50 Million since 1990 in a Marketing career focusing primarily on the MLM or Network Marketing business model.