Why More People Are Choosing Remote Jobs

Why More People Are Choosing Remote Jobs

Why are more people choosing remote jobs over returning to the office? Plenty of factors are at play, from eliminating the commute to spending more time with family. Read on to see why working from home isn’t going away anytime soon.

Increased Productivity

Employees is in familiar and comfortable spaces like their home offices can often be more productive on the job. Without the distractions of lengthy in-person meetings and an office full of chatty coworkers, people are more likely to stay on task.

Eliminating the Commute

Before the pandemic, many workers spent upwards of an hour sitting in traffic just getting to and from the office. Remote work gives that time back to the person so that they can sleep in, spend time with family, or catch up on house chores.

Additionally, now that so many people are working from home, rush hour traffic has lightened up for those who do need to commute. That means fewer cars are on the road polluting the air and taking up parking spaces, which many people also see as added benefits.

Better Work-Life Balance

Remote workers report being happier with the balance between their jobs and personal lives. They have more time to spend with loved ones. Also, they can often dress more comfortably when the office is at home. Increased comfort makes for happier employees.

Safer Environment

Remote work skyrocketed in 2020 due to safety concerns over virus exposure. Remote jobs offer employees the opportunity to steer clear of dangerous germs, but they’re also safer overall. When an employee has control over their work environment, they can navigate it more easily.

Plus, many work-from-home positions still have insurance coverage from employers. Worker’s comp can still apply to remote workers injured on the job. In this way, remote employees get the best of both worlds—the comfort of home and the protection of office policies.

Working from home isn’t disappearing in this post-2020 world, and now you know why. More people are choosing remote jobs to increase their comfort and quality of life while boosting productivity. Perhaps remote work could be just what you need to get a fresh outlook on life.