Why Patients Are Getting MMJ Cards in PA

Patients in Pennsylvania are looking for answers. How long does it take to get your medical card in the mail in PA? This is a question many people in the state are asking themselves, thanks to the pandemic. The state’s Governor made it possible for prospective patients to get their MMJ cards from the comfort of their own homes. This temporarily relaxed regulation came into effect under Pennsylvania’s Proclamation of Disaster Emergency in March 2020.


Not everyone qualifies to get a PA medical marijuana card. You need to have at least one qualifying medical condition. The state lists 23 medical conditions that would make individuals eligible to participate in the program. These include PTSD, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and anxiety disorders. When you apply for a PA MMJ card, a participating doctor will first need to review and evaluate your records.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Medical Card in the Mail in PA?

The state’s department of health will send your MMJ card directly to you in the mail. It may take up to three weeks for your card to arrive. If you register for the program online, you will need to provide your address, name, and contact information. You must also have an identification card or state-issued driver’s license. Your address information, in particular, is essential. Therefore, you must enter it directly as it appears on your state identification number.

Mandatory Drug Testing

Currently, employment rights and medical marijuana have a somewhat rocky relationship. If you fail a drug test at work, you will likely face tremendous problems. However, if you have a PA medical marijuana card, you will be less likely to experience too many problems following a drug test. The card will prove that you have a legitimate medical problem and a certified doctor-prescribed medical cannabis.

Access to Various Marijuana Strains

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, patients can access a wide range of marijuana strains. Your doctor will give you specific advice on the best cannabis strain for your particular condition. Without this card, you will be less likely to purchase the right strain as it may be unavailable with recreational cannabis. In other words, each marijuana strain may have a specific impact on you, based on your medical condition.

Access to High-Quality Cannabis

Before the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, patients risked doing time to get cannabis. This meant that they had no control over the drug’s quality as most of the marijuana bought from the street often comes laced with other drugs to increase the kick. Medical marijuana, however, adheres to the highest quality standards. As a patient, you can rest assured of the cleanest and safest product made under strict medical regulations.

Steady Flow and Cheaper Price

A medical marijuana card gives you access to cannabis from reliable sources. Thanks to the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program, patients in the state can now access a steady flow of marijuana from dispensaries located conveniently. Also, medical marijuana is typically cheaper than recreational marijuana. This makes it worthwhile for you to register for the PA medical marijuana program.

In addition, physicians registered with the state’s MMJ program can now rectify existing patients and certify new ones through remote consultation that would happen via a phone call or video conferencing. When it comes to registering for the MMJ program in Pennsylvania, you have many options to choose from.