Why Radishes are the Choice for Summer!

By Geeta Chopra

Last year I wrote an article on the three body types (doshas).  Air, water, and fire.  It is important to eat and live according to your specific body type as I described in the article.  The season also has a separate impact on each body type.  For example, summer affects the fire dosha more strongly than the others.  This is because fire is already over-heated, and needs cooling foods to balance the system.

Excellent choices for the fire dosha are avocado, aloe vera, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, ghee, omega threes, and radishes.  Radishes are particularly helpful because they not only having cooling astringent properties; they cleanse the blood, live and gallbladder.  Radishes purges all the mucus out of the body while acting an an anti-inflammatory agent.  There is no other food than can do this.  Ironically, they are good for all three doshas!  Air and water types can also benefit from these astringent properties.  The water individuals tends to amass more mucus, so it works well to purge excess debris from the cells.  It cools an overheated body, so in summer it’s the perfect chilling food.  It cools off the cells and adjusts the body temperature while acting medicinal.  Eating 4 radishes everyday for 30 days will renew your cells, making you look and feel younger.  It takes 30 days for your cells to detox and totally absorb something new.  

Radishes are one of the few foods that are an excellent well-rounded choice for all body types.  Sprinkle with lemon and sea salt, and enjoy!

Happy Healing.

Geeta Chopra is the television host of ‘The Geeta Chopra Show.’  She is a health and wellness coach who helps people heal from their root. She is in the process of writing two books, and gives talks on the subject matter.  The approach she uses is influenced by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from George Washington University. She is also the owner of a real estate development company. Follow her on YouTube to watch her latest TV episodes on various natural healing modalities including gut health, pranayama, the mind-body connection, organ detoxification, rejuvenation, and much more. Her book, “To Every Gastroenterologist in America: What You Didn’t Learn and Med School and to Every Patient Who Becomes Their Victim,” is launching in 2020. Follow her on YouTube to get a free copy. Be the best version of yourself!

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