Why should small businesses concentrate on local SEO during COVID-19? What does Ej Dalius have to say about this?

2020 is a challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has disrupted the business supply chain, ruined marketing, and sales, and disturbed the economy. Small business companies are an essential part of the economy and contribute to economic development and growth. Currently, because of the partial lockdowns and social distancing norms, many small business firms have failed to carry out the business marketing and promotion activities. 

Why does Eric J Dalius emphasize on local SEO?

Small businesses cannot carry out any events and external promotional activities now because of the threat of pandemic contamination. Also, they need to save money for any emergency that might occur in the days to come. Eric J Dalius says that since most business activities are taking place online, small business owners must resort to online solutions for business promotion and awareness. Here the local SEO solutions are useful for small business firms

“Build your local presence,” says Eric Dalius

Currently, people are not moving beyond their local areas and communities. The government has arranged for area sterilizing services to keep houses, roads, and public spaces safe from the virus contamination as much as possible. Hence, small business firms should start targeting their local customers and try to gain local prominence.

According to Eric Dalius, there’s no better way to do this than local listings. The obvious choice for most small business entrepreneurs is Google My Business. Here business firms need to fill up their details and add pictures as well. It is a cost-effective local SEO tactic to let your local customers know about your whereabouts and business houses. It will help you to make local sales. 

Maximizes the visibility

Once your business gets listed online, it starts to appear as any local user does a relevant search linked with your primary keywords. Ej Dalius says that it will enhance your online visibility on Local Search Results as well as on Google Maps. More visibility translates to better brand awareness and brand recall value.  

New customers

Local listings will help attract new customers who can like your product or service and become regular customers. If you already have favorable reviews and good ratings, you will have customers returning to your store. Though the pace of new customer acquisition might be slow because of the pandemic, still with the time, you will make good progress. Make sure to keep your office or store setting sanitized and clean. It will help to gain consumer trust and more positive reviews.

Business reputation

During the pandemic phase, businesses must stay afloat and ensure that customers think of the brand in favorable terms. Through local SEO tactics, you will have positive reviews, and that will help to maintain the business reputation up to the mark.

Local SEO works gradually. Hence, entrepreneurs will have to stay consistent with SEO initiatives and exercise patience. Since the pace of business activities is slow, doing your local SEO will act in your favor.

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