Why Women Can Make the First Move in a Relationship

It has always been the norm for men to initiate a relationship first. This silent rule has been followed since time immemorial with no specific reason behind it. The current woman in society is more empowered and can take charge and make every important decision in her life. The same applies when choosing your future partner. All women have a picture of the man they wish to marry or be in a relationship with. This alone is enough reason to take control of your future and get the man of your dreams. Here are some of the reasons you are on the right track to finding your better half.

Gender Equality

In the past, women were viewed as submissive and could not make important decisions on their own. This belief led to women feeling lost in their relationship as they could only sit and wait for the man to approach them and follow along. Both parties in a relationship have equal responsibilities in ensuring that it thrives and this applies when choosing your partner. Follow your heart and make that choice.

It Does Not Matter Who Initiated

Many healthy relationships are not based on how they started, but how they progressed. If the relationship was meant to be, your partner should reciprocate and invest emotionally for it to grow. Once both of you agree to pursue the relationship, healthy communication and interaction should be invested in equal measure. You may be surprised that your interesting source of happiness lies with you.

Men Like It Too!

You may be surprised that men like women who can easily express their desires and not be shy about it. Trust is built on honesty, so being honest about your feelings is the best way to start a healthy relationship. This will also give you confidence when communicating since you can spell out your expectations.

Men Can Be Slow

It might take ages for that person you like to notice you and figure out your feelings for them. Men are not minded-readers and may have difficulty judging whether you are interested in them or not. They would appreciate it if you take the initiative to begin the chat. They might be interested in you but are wondering if the feeling is mutual.

It Is Okay to Be Rejected

Most women avoid approaching men that they are interested in because they are afraid of rejection. It might be a blow to your esteem, but it gives you closure and a chance to move on. Gain confidence and face your fears without the worry of the outcome be it positive or negative. Whatever response you get, it will enable you to take the next step in your relationship goals.


Regardless of who initiates a relationship, every partner should invest emotionally towards building it. One-sided relationships end in pain, regret, and time wastage. Pursue your relationship with unconditional love and equal respect in which both of you are giving and receiving.

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