Why You Should Buy a Manual Transmission Car

Why You Should Buy a Manual Transmission Car

If you need a new car or are just thinking about switching it up soon, consider buying a vehicle with a manual transmission. If you are unfamiliar with car transmissions, you may not know that cars can come with either automatic or manual transmissions. Manual transmissions, stick-shifts, have benefits that strongly advocate for why you should buy a manual transmission car.

Better Fuel Economy 

Torque converters and hydraulic pump systems in automatic transmission cars take up a percentage of the power and fuel that the vehicle uses. Manual transmission cars do not require their engines to use as much power because you are in control of changing gears, resulting in less gas consumption.

Easier To Maintain 

Manual transmission cars require much less maintenance. Manual transmissions are far less complex than automatic counterparts, as they contain fewer parts, which means there are fewer parts that can break down. Manual transmissions also use gear oil, which requires far less frequent changes than transmission fluid.

Lower Purchasing Cost 

Cars with manual transmissions typically cost less than the same model car with an automatic transmission. Buying a manual car means you can save some money at the dealership or use the money you’ve saved on extra perks like a navigation system or heated seats. 

More Control 

When you drive a manual transmission, you have control over how much power your car exerts. This can come in handy during uneasy terrain or weather.


Manual transmission cars always require two hands for driving. Needing two hands at all times eliminates the risk of driver errors due to bad driving habits like texting or talking on the phone. Manual transmission cars force a driver to lock in and concentrate on the road only. 

Safety, lower upfront costs, and better fuel economy are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a manual transmission car. Learning how to drive stick-shift can be difficult, but it is worth the effort for all the benefits it offers.

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