Why You Should Lawyer Up – California Lemon Law FAQ’s

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The world of law is a complex one. For any sector of business, exchange, or life, there is often a specialization of a lawyer who deals with issues relating to that specific issue. This is true for most things that require a doctorate (medicine being the other major example), but the costs for doing something improperly can be an infinitely draining experience, financially and mentally.

So, while it can be said that these issues are something to leave to the pros, the pros need the people who require assistance to actually call them. This is one of the issues with the law in particular, as people rarely realize when it’s time to contact a lawyer, when it’s free, and when the consultation will take a lot of money, and finally very few cases actually go to court. This may seem strange for those well-versed in courtroom dramas surrounding popular social topics, but for the most part, depending on the case type the issue can be settled to prevent any time in court for anyone. Consultation is quick and can be free, so here are some compelling reasons why you should contact a specialist, skilled lawyer as soon as possible for your lemon law problem.

Some Definitions for the Road

What are Lemon Laws? Put simply this is a blanket term for laws concerning product deficiency and warranty problems. If a product time after time breaks or fails to be fixed by the company in charge of making it up to standards then it falls under the jurisdiction of lemon laws. These can result in serious harm to the image of a company resulting in settling, or may actually go to court for the person harmed by this deficiency to receive compensation, but regardless of the outcome, these laws dictate possibilities for those cases.

Many people have anecdotes probably about when a lemon law could have seriously assisted them financially. Perhaps your car broke down, or a mechanic crashed it on the way out, or the people in charge of fixing it just didn’t. Regardless of the cause, as soon as you begin to receive any trouble about warranties or damages, it’s time to lawyer up.

Things to Consider

Lawyering up is a common phrase for this type of advice, and it exists in the social conscious for a reason: law is tough and you can get bitten super fast and hard by people who know better. Luckily, we have an entire profession trained to defend those who have been harmed, as well as those who play devil’s advocate. The profession of lawyer stands for one specific thing: thinking carefully about issues and giving anyone and everyone a voice.

This isn’t the standard sometimes, but it is the ideal. If the person in charge of the business has a lawyer, why shouldn’t you? But, it should help you, in the end, to do some serious research into lemon laws anyway, so here’s a great article about this branch of law: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/lemon-laws.asp#:~:text=Lemon%20laws%20are%20regulations%20that,their%20purported%20quality%20or%20usefulness and why it is a social and economic necessity.

Signs of Quality

Lemon laws are not a new thing, but depending on your age it could be a newer thing than you might think. Lemon laws originate from a single act passed in 1975 that enforces the sales tactic of warranties. These types of laws have gotten more intense over time in their wording and, let’s be honest, page numbers, but the idea is still the same: protect American consumers from manufacturers selling faulty products.

Consumer protection is a serious issue and one that, even if you aren’t terribly invested in an old junker car, you should take seriously for the sake of others. Every court case that is produced surrounding a specific issue sets a precedent for the future. Just like that first court case to establish these types of laws, the precedent is extremely important for future consumers. So, even if you aren’t into courtroom descriptions, it’s worth reading up about the first lemon law. Click here for a great and easily readable summary of the modern effects of a ’70s trial.

You will probably end up settling as most cases like this do, but in case you don’t you can help set in stone the nature of specific abuses for the future of car consumers. These laws are most often applied to cars, after all, and for something so expensive, mechanically intense, and powerful, it’s best for producers of these products to know they need to get them right.

Laws For You

Even if you aren’t feeling super virtuous concerning the federal government, you can bet that if you end up crashing due to a voided warranty or a slip of paper you didn’t follow up on, you’ll end up feeling terrible. Proactive lawyering is one of the best things any consumer, or just an American in general, can do. The system of law in the US is built around specifics that only a lawyer may know.

This can feel unfair sometimes, but the fact is that it is how the system of American justice works. If you go in blind, without someone already on their way to help you, you can end up signing one too many waivers and ending up hurt. Don’t take the abuse of the bureaucrats and enlist one yourself to help you through the real problems that faulty manufacturing can cause. Legal advice is important for everyone but most important for those who are at risk of being abused.

If you go into a ball game without any clue on how to play, you will lose. This is true of lemon law as well. If you got a faulty car and you try to deal with it yourself, you may end up getting stung by someone who took precautions you never did. It’s a big world out there, and twice as big with the laws included, so don’t explore it alone!

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