Why you should take care of your teeth

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Despite the fact that knowledge about oral hygiene is pretty common, still, a ot of people are not paying attention to this aspect of life. This behaviour might have a lot of consequences. Check what will happen if you will not take care of your teeth.

  • Lack of oral hygiene will have an influence on your enamel condition
  • The gum diseases will scorch you more often
  • The tooth infections might develop and become more severe.

The amount of your enamel will decrease

Tooth enamel is a tissue which is making your tooth. It is a visible part of the tooth that is covering the crown. It is acting as a barrier to protect the tooth. However, you should remember that it is very prone to degeneration.

If you will stop brushing your teeth, the plague will start to settle on your teeth. The bacterises present there will start to degenerate your enamel and as a result, your dentin will be exposed to the environment.

Unlike enamel, dentin is soft and close to the nerve part of the tooth. When the tooth pulp is exposed you will start to feel pain and your tooth will need more intensive care.

The condition of your gums will get worse

Not brushing your teeth is the beginning of problems with gum. First of all, you will develop an inflammatory process of gingiva called gingivitis which will lead to a more severe condition – periodontitis.

The first sign of gingivitis is gum bleeding during teeth brushing. It means that you developed a mild state of disease. It is very common and a lot of people have it.

Progression of the disease will cause developing pockets due to pulling back gums from teeth. In these pockets, the food and other substances will trap an as a result, it will have a perfect environment for bacteria development.

The action of these bacterises will cause bone loss in the surrounding area. This situation is called periodontitis. If you see the first signs of gum disease, you should immediately visit a dentist.

The tooth disease might develop

Progression of tooth plague will cause breaking the dentin and reaching the tooth pulp, the area full of nerves. This is causing states called an abscessed tooth. It causes swelling, chewing discomfort and severe pain which can decrease quality of life. Usually, this state needs a canal treatment which is not the most please procedure, but it needs to be safe to protect your health.

The development of this disease might cause bacteraemia – the state where bacterises are present in the blood. It means that tooth plague can be a source of further infections located far from the origin and in result can be even mortal.

Article prepared in cooperation with Indexmedica.

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