Why You Should Wear More Corduroy for Fall 2022

Why You Should Wear More Corduroy for Fall 2022

Fashion trends come and go, much like the seasons—things we wore just a few years ago are completely out of style today. Some trends fall out of popularity and stay that way for many years, sometimes decades. This is true for the once trendy fabric known as corduroy.However, you might be surprised to learn that there are many good reasons you should wear more corduroy in fall 2022.

The First Corduroy Trends

Many people associate corduroy fashion with the 1970s, when the style was at an all-time peak, especially within American pop culture. Superstar musicians and significant public figures jump-started the corduroy trend, and millions of people from this era adopted the look. It was the style of the anti-establishment movement, but it also dominated the business world with corded suits and formal wear.

However, corduroy’s true origins stretch back much farther in time. In fact, the ancient Egyptians created and wore a similar fabric to corduroy known as fustian, which was heavy like corduroy but lacked a raised texture. Modern-day corduroy most likely originated in Manchester sometime in the 19th century. People preferred this fabric for factory clothing and work wear.

2022 Corduroy Trends

After nearly 50 years since the last major spike in popularity, corduroy is finally trending within mainstream fashion once again, along with other major outdoor 2022 fall trends. It’s possible that the increased interest in thrifting and repurposing clothing has reintroduced younger generations to this ultra-unique fabric.

And people are incorporating corded garments into every facet of their outfits—jackets, coats, pants, suits, skirts, and even retro corded hats. By far, the most popular corduroy outfit this fall is a blazer/trouser combination. This relaxed, business-casual style is versatile and comfortable. Incorporate softer colors, like orange, tan, and dark green, when making corded outfits.

Benefits of Corduroy

You now know the surprisingly interesting history of corduroy and how to create your own corded outfits for fall 2022. But what are the actual benefits of wearing this fabric, especially during autumn?

For one, it’s an excellent insulator that’s soft to the touch, making it perfect for combating colder temperatures. Corduroy is also durable and offers long-term value. Plus, it’s low maintenance and easy to clean. Overall, the main appeal of corduroy clothing is the signature look and style.

With so many practical benefits and fashion relevance, there are many reasons why you should wear more corduroy for fall 2022. Find the items that you like the most and construct outfits that make you feel and look your best! And it’s never too late to look ahead to the holidays—corded clothing is an excellent gift for friends and loved ones.

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