Women Getting Together: Why Friend-Trips are Just as Important as Family Trips

No matter what your age and what your day-to-day life looks like, responsibilities can easily get in the way of  fun. Going on a trip with the girls tend to be the last thing on our to-do list as our family grows while we age. 

Life as a parent is a combination of frustration, love, joy, and exhaustion if you ask me! Not only do you take care of the family, household and yourself but also have a job to do. However, you pat yourself on the back once in a while because you hold so much together. 

Every mother deserves a timeout with their girlfriends. Let’s be real for a moment. Wouldn’t it be great to have a getaway with your besties? Think about it, relaxing and letting go without having to worry about putting the kids to bed. Maybe have a drink or two. 

Sounds like a dream right? So, why not make it a reality. Here is why going on trips with friends are just as important as family vacations.

Take A Chill Pill 

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Sometimes life can become so hectic and all we need is some chill time. There are times I wish there was a magical pill to take away all the stress. Fortunately, a girls getaway is a fantastic way to get that break needed from playing mommy and wife role. 

Girl trips don’t need to include partying. You could simply take the time to relax together. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with refreshing your mind by reading a book in the morning while enjoying a cup a coffee.

When my best friend and I went on a getaway together, we would wake up and watch tv while getting ready. Some days we would go sightseeing and take a quick nap before dinner.

One of the days we spent in Florida, I just happened to be awake first. I took advantage of the quiet time by going for a quick run. I then had some coffee and read my favorite book on the porch. I have to admit, it was magical! Having time to reset is essential especially as a parent.

No Agenda – No Responsibilities

When traveling with your friends, the best thing to do is having general ideas for activities and tick them off as you go. When on vacation it’s not nice having a set agenda. Being with the girls means you can go with the flow.

You’ll be able to wake up whenever it best suits you, without any dog or kids needing your attention at the crack of dawn. You can also stroll wherever and stop when at any bar or restaurant which catches your eye.

Depending on your location, pool or beach lounging might be the only thing on the agenda which is no agenda. You can honestly just enjoy the trip with your girlfriends.

Makes You A Better You

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One of the most important reasons you need to go on a girls-only trip is because it can make you a better wife, mother, person in general. Every woman needs time to do things that they enjoy and connect them to others. 

You can’t take care of others if you don’t look after yourself first. Think about it this way, if you end up in a plane crash, to help others you need to put on your oxygen mask first. You can’t help other people survive if you don’t put yourself at top priority. You will die without oxygen before getting to those in need.

A girls trip can include a spa weekend, an overnight stay at the best hotel in your hometown or simply a movie night when someone’s husband is out of town. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it, as long as you make it happen. 

After the trip, you will return to your normal life with more of an appreciation, patience, and love. I know I did!

Nobody Judging You

Want a second bottle of wine? So does the rest of the women in the room. Fart in your sleep? Nobody cares. Feel like walking around the house naked? Do it! The best thing about being with your girlfriends is that they are not bothered by what you do or when you do it.

I will never forget the morning of a girls day where we were sitting naked in the middle of the kitchen, drinking cocktails while braiding each others hair. Everyone laughed and was having a good time. It is now a tradition and a fond memory.

Girl Talk


I’m not sure if it’s just me but there’s something about girl talk that helps clear my head. I simply love being able to talk about what’s going on in my life and catching up about what’s going on in my girlfriends’ lives. Of course, you don’t need to go on a trip to talk to each other but it sure is easier than trying to speak on the phone without the children screaming in the background. 

During one of my favorite trips, I talked about everything with my girls. The conversations started from work to where we want to live to how much we want to organize our apartments to family life. We’ve even had funny confessions to who’s our celebrity crushes. 

The point is, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who won’t judge you at all and who knows and understands who you are. Throw in a glass of good wine and you’re all set.