Workplace Tips To Keep Employees Healthy Through Flu Season

Workplace Tips To Keep Employees Healthy Through Flu Season

Recent global events have made people more health-conscious than ever. While your business might have what it takes to tackle pandemics, is it ready for the annual flu season?

Working in close quarters means germs spread like wildfire. Maintain an efficient workplace by keeping employees healthy through flu season.

Establish a Regular Sanitizing Routine

First, you’ll need to ensure your workplace is clean. This goes beyond clearing clutter and trash; healthy offices establish regular sanitizing routines to combat germs and viruses. Create a checklist of commonly touched items and disinfect them frequently.

Wipe down keyboards, door knobs, and countertops a few times a day. Use electronic-safe sanitizers for phones, fax machines, and other frequently used office devices. If your workplace has a sitting area for clients, be sure to treat chairs and benches, too.

Encourage Good Personal Hygiene

A healthy workplace starts with employee hygiene. While this might seem self-explanatory, people might not be aware of their behaviors when they’re on the go. Post hand washing signs in bathrooms and send wellness newsletters to keep people on top of their hygiene.

You should also have plenty of hand sanitizer stations around your office. This way, people can quickly clean their hands between meetings and tasks. Proper hand sanitizer waste disposal is essential to maintaining these stations, so make sure you do your homework.

Keep Sick Employees Home

It’s unfortunate when staff members can’t come into the office. However, forcing people to work through illnesses is the fastest way to spread germs. If you want to keep employees healthy through flu season, you need to let them stay home when they’re sick.

Allowing sick staff members time off is the cornerstone of a healthy workplace culture. Encourage open and honest communication so people will use their PTO. You could also perform temperature and symptom checks if you suspect someone is ill.

Invest in a Vaccine Program

Fortunately, common flu strains have vaccines that reduce severity and spreadability. Educating staff on the importance of vaccines may encourage them to take precautions. Investing in a workplace vaccine program may also be a useful incentive.

Offer insurance benefits that cover flu vaccines, doctor visits, and telehealth options. You could even team up with a local clinic to host a vaccine drive and offer free vaccinations.

Flu season is approaching quickly; make sure your office is ready to face it head-on. With the right preparations, you and your employees will have what it takes to end the year on a happy and healthy note.