World Destinations and Massage



Imagine mixing business with pleasure while traveling the world. Obviously, making money is important, but traveling to exotic locations while working is the icing on the cake. Traveling massage therapists do just that, travel while they work. They provide a therapeutic service while enriching their own lives with experiences by traveling. I thought about being a licensed massage therapist. I thought about how, after I obtain my license, I would begin my career as a massage therapist traveling the world. No matter the location, people are always looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Cruise Ships

What better way to start than to start my business as a licensed massage therapist on a cruise ship. Cruise ships dock in all different places across the world, and in all cruise ships, many tourists are in tow. Tourists normally book a cruise to relax and enjoy views of the sea. With my Living Earth Crafts spa massage table and my knowledge of new massage techniques, I will provide my clients with therapeutic relaxation with amazing ocean views. When the cruise ship docks, plenty of people will partake in excursions then head back to the ship feeling exhausted from the day’s activities. There is where I will meet them to schedule an invigorating and soothing massage therapy session. As the cruise ship heads back to their home port, I continue to provide my services to everyone who is in need of a massage.

Exotic Locales

When it’s time to move on, and while being on a cruise ship was great, there just more of the world to see. I pictured my next adventure to be somewhere out in French Polynesia. Particularly, Maupiti Island or Bora Bora. Both are known for amazing beaches and emerald colored lagoons. I’d set up shop right on the beach. I would have a handful of appointments on various days. And then on my days off, I would be able to explore the island. My clients will be able to take advantage of the sunset while falling into a deep sleep as I massage their worries away. After seeing clients in French Polynesia, I’d head to Asia. Japan would be my next exotic locale. I’d offer my services to clients who work long hours, day in and day out. I’d offer companies my services by day, and by evening, I would take an adventure sightseeing Japan’s busy metropolis. Many people, most of whom appear to be office workers, walk quickly to get to their destination. Many of them are carrying bags and briefcases. These are the people who may benefit from a massage. Strained muscles and headaches will be quickly massaged away.

World-Known Resorts

Resorts, particularly, world-known resorts is where my next stop would be. Resorts such as these usually have guests that, sometimes, are particular about their massage. Normally, clients that frequent this kind of resort are no stranger to massage therapy. Massage therapy is normally a service provided by their spa. For instance, spas aim to heal and rejuvenate. The Spa at Phulay Bay resort in Thailand is an example of a menu of services offered by world-known resorts. They range from facials, body wraps, and most importantly, different types of therapeutic massages. Massages can range from Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu to just name a few. Various techniques are implemented and executed to cater to a person’s selection.

Health Benefits

Massage therapy is not only good for the body, it is also good for the eyes. In an article, tired eyes can be relieved by a massage. In it, it describes how a massage can reduce sinus pressure, eye strain, and headaches. As a licensed therapist, I would provide this type of service to people who often use the computer and spend long hours staring at the screen.

In summary, being a licensed traveling massage therapist will bring fulfillment by enjoying what the world has to offer, while providing a service that also gives back to the community. I rejuvenate and soothe, and my clients and the world nourish me with experiences. No matter where in the world, on a cruise ship or at a world-known resort, there will always be someone who will need a licensed massage therapist to offer them a state of relaxation.