This Year’s Exclusive YaJagoff Holiday Parking Chair Ornament Brings Grandma’s Wrought-Iron Chair from the Patio to Your Christmas Tree!

Just like our football team, we are sitting pretty at six…parking chair ornaments that is. Well, we don’t play football or wear uniforms, but we do have a team who is proud to present the newest parking chair ornament for your tree.

This exclusive YaJagoff Holiday Parking Chair Ornament is the 6th in a series of annual Pittsburgh-themed ornaments.  Each one comes in a specially-designed box and is numbered for ‘burgh authenticity.’ 

Our 2022 Parking Chair is a replica of Grandma’s traditional wrought-iron chair you may find on her patio—complete with a ‘No Parking’ sign, just daring someone to take her space. 

“We love Pittsburgh and all it embraces, like tradition,” says John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck, partners of YaJagoff Media, LLC. “This ornament is just that, a tradition that we want to carry on each holiday, jagoff-style, of course.”

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This year’s ornament has been handcrafted again by MaryMac Bakehouse. Inspired by an actual chair that was used in front of a Pittsburgh home, this ornament is sure to be a conversation starter at any holiday gathering. Whether you live in Pittsburgh or are just visiting, these exclusive ornaments are perfect for adding a little bit of festive flair to your Christmas tree.

Made in Pittsburgh, our Parking Chair ornaments commemorate both the YaJagoff media enterprise and our city’s love for parking chairs. This year’s parking chair also celebrates a special person in the YaJagoff family.

This 2022 YaJagoff parking chair ornament is a bit fancier than previous ornaments, according to Mary Mac, owner of Mary Mac Bakehouse.

“Not only were we extremely pleased with the ornament itself but the packaging is probably the best we have ever done,” she says. “It’s a white chair set against a black, white, and silver backdrop and has a silver key tag stamped with the words, “no parking” — it’s very upscale looking. We even have a photo of the actual Pittsburgh parking chair that inspired the ornament on our package backdrop.”

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Along with the YaJagoff team, Mary Mac tries to select the concept of the chair by March each year. 

“We try to be representative of chairs we have actually seen in front of people’s houses. We like to make them realistic,” she explains. “I have an odd collection of pictures of parking chairs people have put out over the years, whether it was to hold a space for a parade or their parking spot in the wintertime. Sometimes cracks me up to see the things people put out.”

There are only 200 ornaments this year, available at $25 each. So be sure to make a list, check it twice, and find the limited-time ornament through the YaJagoff! Store.

“The YaJagoff Parking Chair ornament is a unique gift that spurs a lot of memories for those who are from Pittsburgh or who still live in the area. It’s a fun thing to have your parking spot reserved on your tree. We always like to say you’re actually reserving a spot on your tree for a really good ornament!”

Order your exclusive ornament today and start decorating! And happy holidays you filthy Jagoffs! 

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