Young Rembrandts Illustrates New Picturesque Franchising Strategy for Pittsburgh

Illustrious childhood art education program draws on mid-year success and outlines new expansion plans to bring specialized curriculum to Pittsburgh

Building on the momentum of a sensational national campaign celebrating the brand’s 30th anniversary in 2018, Young Rembrandts has announced a new expansion plan to bring its proprietary art education curriculum to more kids in Pittsburgh.

With more than 100 existing franchise partners already in place in the United States and across the globe, Young Rembrandts has identified Pittsburgh as one of the specific priority target markets for expansion, as part of the brand’s strategic effort to provide its cognitive development-centric art curriculum programs into the second half of 2018 and onward into 2019.

“Even as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, we’re never content to rest on our laurels and we’re ready to bring art education to as a many children as possible for years to come, beginning with a strategic plan to expand in Pittsburgh,” said Kim Swanson, director of franchise development for Young Rembrandts. “We want to build a legacy in this community, and the first step is finding the right partner who believes in our mission and understands Pittsburgh, and what parents and kids here want in afterschool enrichment.”

Young Rembrandts’ new masterpiece franchising strategy in Pittsburgh places it on track to sign 20 to 25 new franchise agreements nationally by the end of 2019.

The brand’s strategic growth initiative comes amid newly opened locations in West Houston, Texas as well as San Diego, in addition to transfers of existing territories to new franchisees in Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington state.

A unique art enrichment program that solely focuses on cognitive development through drawing, Young Rembrandts is based on the belief that when foundational art skills are taught to preschoolers and elementary students, there is a strong correlation between that involvement in the arts and future strong academic performance and personal achievement. 

“The strength of our concept comes from our franchisees, and the passion and dedication they bring to our mission and to the communities they serve – the proof is in our annual franchisee sales, which continue to increase year over year,” said Bette Fetter, founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts. “Our ideal candidate is persistent, a problem solver and a team player, with the people skills needed to bring our curriculum to as many children as possible. Young Rembrandts is an investment opportunity for individuals who desire an independent, profitable lifestyle and have a passion for giving back to their community.”

Through its unique methodology that gives kids the confidence to create skilled artwork, Young Rembrandts helps boost cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, spatial learning and critical thinking skills. Unlike many other childhood art enrichment programs, Young Rembrandts provides students with a tangible takeaway project with each lesson. Students are able to learn a new technique and complete an exceptional piece of artwork within a single class period.

As Young Rembrandts continues to trace more paths into new communities across the country, the concept is awarding franchise opportunities to highly qualified entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh and other growth territories who want to carry on Young Rembrandts’ mission and to become brand ambassadors within their communities. Franchisees lead art instructors to teach students the fundamentals of drawing using Young Rembrandts’ unique curriculum and step-by-step teaching method.

In order to be eligible to open a Young Rembrandts franchise, candidates must have at least $40,000 in liquid capital and net worth of $100,000. The total investment cost to open a new franchise territory ranges between $41,250 to $48,120, which includes the franchisee fee of $34,500. Young Rembrandts awards franchisees with protected, exclusive territories for success that are large in size and designated by zip code.

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About Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandts is a recognized leader in art education, offering a curriculum focused on teaching children to draw, using demonstration and a structured step-by-step process. Through the process of weekly instruction students are exposed to a wide variety of subject matter, artistic concepts, art history and mastery of their materials. Classes are taught to children ages 3 ½ to 12 years old. Young Rembrandts teaches more than 40,000 students each week in 31 states and four provinces. Through franchising, Young Rembrandts offers individuals the chance to grow their own business while creating a positive impact within the community.

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