3 Types of International Freight Transportation

3 Types of International Freight Transportation

Do you want to learn more about international freight shipping to improve your business’s transportation abilities? If so, it’s important to understand what options are available. Take a look at this list of the types of international freight transportation to learn about the best available option for you.


Air travel is one of the quickest shipping methods, especially for sending freight overseas. Unlike trucks, planes don’t have to deal with traffic lights and many of the other hazards that come with road travel. Plus, there are no pit stops between takeoff and landing. It also helps that there’s little possibility for theft mid-flight, ensuring peace of mind for you and your clients.


Another way to send your freight overseas is by boat. Marine freight shipping has two key benefits: it’s typically a cost-effective solution, and ships have the storage to transport massive freights.

Keep in mind that this type of international freight transportation can be slow. However, if you can afford to ship the freight without rush, then transport by sea might be the ideal fit.


While transportation by road is not viable for many international shipments, this is not always the case. Canada and Mexico, for example, are easily accessible via road if you’re based in the United States. You can use various trucking solutions to organize and send your freight to international destinations.

For instance, full-truckload (FTL) shipping is an option that allows you to rent an entire truck to transport your goods without having to share space with another company’s product. Inform yourself of the details that impact full-truckload freight rates, and investigate this helpful shipping method today for your freight.

Now that you know more about international freight shipment via air, sea, and road, you’ll be more informed as you work with your logistics specialists to move your goods efficiently. Whatever option you choose, you can be confident it caters to your company’s needs.

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