4 Kinds of Companies That Require Background Checks

4 Kinds of Companies That Require Background Checks

When looking for a job these days, it’s important to appear professional. Dress up for the interview, maintain eye contact with the interviewer, answer their questions clearly, and share what you might bring to the job.

Background checks are equally important. Companies want to ensure that their candidates are who they say they are, and that they have the skills to be successful. Background check companies investigate a candidate’s past, turning up any relevant information. Companies in various industries put more importance on background checks than others. Here are four kinds of companies that require background checks.

Information Technology

The people who control computers pretty much control the world, or at least they have a lot of power in the companies they work for. So much information is available through computers—personal and financial—and IT personnel have the greatest access to it. An IT professional needs to have a spotless record, free from instances of fraud, identity theft, and of course, computer-related crimes. Background check companies do a deep dive into criminal records at every level. They also look for proof that an IT professional knows what they’re doing, checking up on their education as well as professional references who can give their skills a thumbs up or down.


Children are, as the song goes, our future and are often incapable of protecting themselves. That’s why schools, park districts, summer camps, and other childcare companies require thorough background checks on potential employees. Background check companies look for criminal records, a presence on the National Sex Offender registry, and proof of identity through federal, state, and local records. They also look for red flags suggesting suspicious firings.


Anything can go wrong on a construction site, resulting in damage, disaster, or death. Construction companies must perform background checks that turn up evidence of drug use, criminality, or unsafe work habits among crew members. Naturally, they’ll check with previous employers to ensure the individual worked there and find out what they can about their habits and any accidents or issues they might have been involved with. They may also investigate any instances of harassment or violence, which can affect morale as well as safety. A clean record means a safer work environment for everyone.


Healthcare companies also require background checks. The medical field requires kind, conscientious, and knowledgeable individuals to provide excellent and compassionate care. Background check companies look for records of incompetence, malpractice, criminal behavior, sexual assault, and safe and healthy practices of their own. Instances of drug abuse, negligence, lawsuits, criminal charges and convictions, insurance fraud, and DUIs should make a hospital, nursing service, or other healthcare provider reconsider hiring someone.