4 Ways To Market to Multiple Generations

4 Ways To Market to Multiple Generations

From Generation Z to Baby Boomers, varying generations view products very differently. To appeal to the widest audience possible, you need to think strategically about your marketing plan. Here are four ways to market to multiple generations.

Use Different Mediums

While it may seem that marketing is more complicated than ever because of the vast array of options, different mediums offer incredible opportunities and appeal to varying demographics. The best approach to guarantee your product or service finds the most eyes is to spread your marketing out to as many mediums as possible.

If you can use blog posts, physical advertisements, digital content, and video content to your advantage, you’ll reach a very wide audience.

Tailor Advertisements to Platforms

Along with different mediums, make sure to use different platforms. When designing your message for these platforms, consider which generations most often use them. Generation Z doesn’t spend as much time on Facebook, but Boomers and Millennials do—similarly, Boomers aren’t likely to see an ad on TikTok, but Generation Z would!

Build Reviews and Testimonials

Younger generations, like Millennials and Generation Z, tend to look for products with positive reviews and testimonials because they don’t want to bother with products that aren’t trusted. When creating advertisements or product pages, ensure there’s a place for consumers to see a list of reviews to help gain traction.

Utilize the Time of Day

It’s no secret that different generations have different habits. While Millennials and Generation Z are less likely to be awake at 6 am, Boomers and Traditionalists tend to make shopping decisions early in the morning. Plan any commercials around the time of day that they’ll air, as well as radio and social media messaging. Ensure the tone of your advertisements matches up with the different demographics!

Now that you know these four ways to market to multiple generations, make sure you’re using the best typography to complement your advertisements, and learn which fonts to avoid!