Every Father’s Daughter: Twenty-four Women Writers Remember Their Fathers
Celebrate Father’s Day with a new book, Every Father’s Daughter: Twenty-four Women Writers Remember Their Fathers, by award-winning author Margaret McMullan. 
Every Father’s Daughter is an anthology of honest essays by Alice Munro, Alexandra Styron, Maxine Kingston, Barbara Shoup and other distinguished writers hand-selected by Margaret.  Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review

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Analogosaurus: Avoiding Extinction in a World of Digital Business

Analogosaurus is a book for people struggling with the uncertainty of digital change and have been slow to embrace new technology. 

This book details the impact of technology on work, looks at the opportunities it has to offer, and outlines practical tips on how to use technology more effectively to boost personal and professional performance.

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Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/ Life Bliss by Deirdre Maloney (May 2015, Business Solutions Press).

Deirdre has found the real problem with work/ life balance: it isn’t that you can’t achieve it—it’s that nobody can. The book tells readers:

·  Where the term work/ life balance came from—and why it is no longer valid
·  Viral Vanity: The real truth behind why we can’t disconnect from technology
·  Little lies we tell ourselves as to why we can’t have bliss—right now
·  How to know if you’ve hit the ‘Bogus Bottom’—and how to pick yourself back up
·  The Debilitation of Disconnecting: Why we choose to make ourselves available 24/7
·  Work is a part of your life—and why you shouldn’t think of work and life separately
·  Bliss-busters: Identifying what will keep you from changing your life to one of bliss
·  How to get an annual bliss check-up—and why you need one

Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired by Sheila Nielsen (April 2015, Nielsen Career Press)  

Her message? If you are looking for a job—instead of people who can help you get a job—then you are doing it all wrong. The book tells readers:

·  What really happens when a job is landed by ‘luck’ (and how to create your own)
·  You Can Always Get What You Want (You Just Have to Know What It Is)—Articulating your dream and dilemma (and why it is important to do so)
·  Making Your Manifesto: Developing your core message to help your connections help you
·  You Get What You Give: How generosity enhances luck (and why it is a key part of the job quest)
·  The Nuances of Networking: Identifying key people to connect with—and what to say once you connect with them
·  Rapid Relationships: Why more magic happens in person
·  Open for Opportunism: How opportunism boosts your job search luck

Play Golf Better Faster
Looking to sharpen your golf skills? Author Kalliope Barlis played professional golf and decided to write Play Golf Better Faster, a guide to optimizing performance and building your best fast.

The book is structured similar to a workbook. It’s broken down into three parts: Using Your Brain, Practicing Your Game, and Playing Game; and each part includes practical steps to dramatically improve your game. “This book is designed for anyone who wants to play the game easier and with more enjoyment,” says Golf-Teaching Talent Chuck Hogan.

By reading this book, you are taught about Neuro-Linguistic Programming as applied to golf. NLP is a technology of thought and the artful use of language that leads your brain into mastering your imagination to create the best possible shots in both easy and challenging situations on the golf course. These teachings can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the golfer in your life!

Menopause Metabolism
You’re always looking for the best ways to slim down and find the latest and greatest ways to look your best – but did you know that hormonal changes alone can cause us to gain up to 30 pounds? The “Menopause Metabolism” affects 89% of women. Luckily, it can be remedied with some simple changes to our eating and dietary habits. Dr. Caroline Cederquist, weight loss, metabolism and nutrition MD is the go-to guru for women looking to understand the science behind their Menopause Metabolism and natural, healthy ways to light their metabolic fire for weight loss. She dedicates an entire chapter to Menopausal Metabolism changes in her new book, The MD Factor Diet and can help readers understand:

  • How our bodies change during menopause
  • What that stubborn belly fat really means about our health
  • Why we gain weight during menopause
  • Foods that trigger hot flashes, belly bloat and weight gain
  • What to eat to speed metabolism in our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond

Mind Your Body
A personal trainer to the stars and regular contributor to The Dr. Oz Show, Joel Harper has spent twenty years helping people achieve their weight loss goals, and optimally balancing every category of their lives. Over his career, he has witnessed firsthand thousands of health transformations and personal breakthroughs.

In Mind Your Body, (ISBN #9780062348173; hardcover, $27.99) Harper explores the crucial—and often overlooked—connection between meals, moves, and mindset. Meals to keep nourished, moves that can be done in the comfort of home, and the mindset to keep motivated, inspired and thriving. And in the process, he provides a holistic three-step weight loss program that will help quadruple weight loss, maximize workouts by 85 percent, and boost happiness and energy levels by more than 40 percent—in just fifteen minutes a day. 

Making Healthy Choices for Senior Living
By focusing on the spiritual center, whatever religion that may be, Kenneth D. Barringer believes that seniors can lead a more enriched life. His new book, “Making Healthy Choices for Senior Living,” provides readers guidance for making these years a long and fulfilling retirement.  

Barringer has been trained an ordained as a United Methodist Minister. He also has an extensive background as a retired clinical psychologist and a volunteer, mentor and counselor for those needing support with mental health and relationships, including a professional consultant for the Coalition of Mental Health and Aging.

 The Essentials of Business EtiquetteHow to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success (McGraw-Hill Professional; PB & e-book, $16.00) is a handbook for the 21st century, written by an etiquette expert who understands the social cues in the business space whether face-to-face or via social communication.  

With 101 short chapters, it’s designed to give you a primer on the workplace (and that grey area when you carry your office around on your mobile device), and the behaviors that can move you to the next level. From grooming to greetings, from Skyping to speaking to texting, and everything you need to know about making a superlative first impression, this is the must-have graduation gift for the Class of 2015.

B is for Balance: 12 Steps Toward a More Balanced Life at Home and at Work
For many, the college experience is like floating through a good dream, but entering the workforce after graduation can be a rude awakening. After spending most of one’s life as a student, it can be difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle.

B is for Balance: 12 Steps Toward a More Balanced Life at Home and at Work by Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN, provides ideas, tips, and tricks for rebalancing one’s life and reaching personal and professional goals. In 12 steps, readers are taught how to simplify their lives, reduce stress and focus on what is most important.

Coupling years of research with decades of experience in health care, Weinstein delivers a straightforward, clinically proven guide to balancing one’s life.

Customer Analytics For Dummies®
“When companies benefit financially from a bad customer experience, those are bad profits,” explains Jeff Sauro, author of Customer Analytics For Dummies® (Wiley, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-118-93759-4, $29.99). “The term ‘bad profits’ was coined by a customer loyalty guru named Fred Reichheld, who also developed the Net Promoter System.

 “Bad profits are like bad karma for companies,” he adds. “Sure, you get the sale now, but the bad experience, price, or product will come back to hurt you.”

It just makes sense. In virtually all fields, customers have choices—and next time, they may choose your competition. Plus, it takes only a few seconds for a disgruntled customer to log onto a social media account and share with the world just why it shouldn’t do business with you. In Customer Analytics For Dummies, Sauro shows you how to measure each stage of the customer journey, use the right analytics to understand customer behavior, and make key business decisions based on them. Here, he explains how to handle bad profits.

Customer Analytics For Dummies® (Wiley, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-118-93759-4, $29.99) is available at bookstores nationwide, major online booksellers, or directly from the publisher by calling (877) 762-2974. For more information, please visit the book’s page at

Six Steps to Spiritual Awakening
Happiness can be found in many ways, depending on one’s perception. However, lasting happiness requires a spiritual awakening and understanding of one’s higher self.

Yoga teacher and owner of Quiet Mind Massage Therapy & Yoga Studio, Ginger Graf Dunaway remembers being happy and content as a young child and spent many years striving to find that happiness and contentment once more as an adult. After studying her own life, she found the tools and practices to achieving peace and contentment in every day life.

In “Choose Spirit Now: Wake Up to an Exquisite Life,” her new self-help guide to spiritual awakening, Dunaway shares her six steps to achieving lasting happiness. Her steps are based on the ancient practice of yoga and the modern-day sacred spiritual text, “A Course In Miracles.”

With an abundance of stressors in every day life, finding relief can be as simple as a change in perception. Dunaway’s approach provides readers a choice to live a more fulfilled life that will in turn bring forth positive change to the world.

“It’s all about nonjudgmental observation as you move along this path, eventually realizing that there is no path,” Dunaway said. “There is only the now, which extends for eternity and the ability to live awake in this eternal moment.”

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Chasing Sunsets

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Karen Kingsbury, just released her latest book, Chasing Sunsets. In her latest book, Chasing Sunsets, Karen’s characters are in desperate need of divine intervention. In the second book in a series about angels on mission, Karen shares the dramatic story of a baseball player looking to make a difference with his life and the woman he’s drawn to, who is on her own quest to find deeper meaning in life. Despite Mary Catherine’s intention to stay single, she finds herself drawing closer to MVP baseball player for the LA Dodgers, Marcus Dillinger. Their budding romance offers an exciting life she never dreamed of.  That is, until she receives devastating news from her doctor. News that alters her future and forces her to make a rash decision.

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Positive Health: Flourishing Lives, Wellbeing in Doctors

Who doesn’t want a life filled with thriving positivity and high-life satisfaction? Do you seek meaning and purpose in life with a healthy balance between work and life, and positive friendships and relationships? Dr. Marsha W. Snyder explains how to do this in her new book, Positive Health: Flourishing Lives, Wellbeing in Doctors.

With a focus on solving the epidemic of ill-being in the medical profession, often beginning in the first year of medical school, Positive Health is a must-read for all professionals, student-professionals and administrators in the medical field. Increasing positive health in doctors and healthcare personnel will lead to increased employee and patient satisfaction, decreased cost of care, fewer employee sick days, decreased staff turnover, more efficient and effective healthcare teams, and decreased medical errors, among numerous other benefits.

You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life

Twitter is a powerhouse social media platform, and a game-changer in terms of how we network. As the world of work relies far more on mobile and social arenas, companies are turning to Twitter in the endless search for talent. That’s where having an effective Twitter presence is critical. And it all starts with an engaging, intriguing profile.

Social Media influencer Germany Kent already had a thriving career. But once on Twitter, her following and community skyrocketed. Now she shares her strategies for creating the perfect Twitter profile, and making it the cornerstone of a successful, rewarding presence on line.

Kent shares her top 10 tips for crafting the ideal Twitter profile, including how to pick the perfect photo and how to convey infectious, positive energy in 160 characters or less. She can also discuss: 

  • Why Twitter is a perfect platform for building your career. 
  • How using hashtags in your profile leverage your experience into powerful keywords that invite connection. 
  • How conveying humor and playfulness in a profile increases your following and drives engagement.

Her newest book, You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life (May 2015), is a self-help guide packed with tools, tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies for mastering Twitter, and turning it into a powerful vehicle for self-transformation. 

Fire Up Your Startup and Keep it Up

According to the Small Business Administration, there are 543,000 new businesses started every month, but only roughly 18 percent of them will ever succeed. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need all the help they can get.

W. Gary Sitton, Ph.D. sold his first business when it was making $30 million per year and he is currently a professor emeritus at California State University in Chico. He brings his own expertise to his business classes, but realizes that no one person can be an expert on every facet of the entrepreneurial world. 

Sitton invited 12 successful entrepreneurs to his class to create a lecture series based around each person’s expertise. Now he has turned these lectures into a new entrepreneurial guide, “Fire Up Your Startup and Keep it Up.”

The book addresses the expected topics of marketing, sales, and CFO duties, but also dives into newer topics like outsourcing, social media, virtual companies and much more providing specific takeaways any businessperson can apply.

Report Writing: A Survival Guide
Employers continue to say that written and oral communication skills are the most important skills for employees. In a competitive job market, prospective employees need every advantage possible.

Report Writing: A Survival Guide, by Joyce Kupsh and Rhonda Rhodes, presents the basics for writing any kind of report, such as research reports, proposals, case studies, business plans, technical reports, feasibility studies and more. Both novice and experienced writers will benefit from the book. Checklists are included to assist writers in perfecting their reports.

The book includes chapters on:

  • Organizing: purpose, types and formats
  • Starting: planning, researching and referencing
  • Referencing: basic steps, reference management software, citing sources, using style manuals, APA reference list and avoiding plagiarism
  • Writing: objectivity, conciseness, coherence, emphasis and variety
  • Polishing: abbreviations, acronyms, capitalization, italics, numbers, punctuation, spelling and word division
  • Producing: fonts, color, paper, layout and graphics
  • Finishing: editing and proofreading

“Anyone who writes any type of report will benefit from this book,” Kupsh says. “In addition to writing style, the design of the report is also covered. We originally wrote the book for our students, but soon realized that people in the business world could also benefit from the book.”

“Don’t get fined, don’t get fired, don’t go to jail, don’t plagiarize,” says Rhodes. “In today’s download/cut and paste world it is easy to forget that using another person’s words, ideas, or pictures is AGAINST THE LAW. Report Writing outlines methods to keep your writing legal.”