Angels, Miracle Workers and Unsung Heroes

Family Hospice Column
Jim is an RN at Family Hospice’s Center for Compassionate Care. Here, he spends time with a patient who was a fellow Veteran.

By Rafael J. Sciullo

The month of May is an exciting time. Children can see the end of the school year on the horizon, tree and plant life are coming into full bloom and summer is finally around the corner.  We also have other reasons to celebrate in May… from Cinco de Mayo, to Mother’s Day, to Memorial Day. Not to mention some more obscure observances this month, including Tuba Day, National Barbecue Month, Salad Month and even Cookie Monster’s birthday!

But the observance that touches nearly everyone in a unique way is May’s recognition of nurses. They have been referred to as angels, miracle workers, and unsung heroes. At Family Hospice and Palliative Care, our nurses deliver our mission of quality, compassionate care on a regular basis. And before you think this is accomplished just by bedside visits and the administering of medications, think again.

Allow me to share some special stories that really shine the light on our nursing staff:

Traci, a Family Hospice pediatric nurse, can still feel the small body in her arms. He was only two and was suffering from inoperable cancer. Nothing more could be done but to make the child comfortable and support his young parents and sister. “He was special. I can still see his large brown eyes looking into mine. They revealed such innocence. I will always remember him,” she says.

Carrie is a nurse assigned to one of our skilled nursing facility partners. No matter what her day holds, Carrie is known for taking extra time. She is never in a patient’s room solely to “check on them” – rather, she is happy to sit with patients, talking, listening, holding their hands and often tending to needs that go beyond traditional nursing services. Read more…
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