For Pre-Teens and Teens

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Keep rockin’ those beach waves well into the fall with the help of Batiste Dry Shampoo. Toss a travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo in your backpack, gym bag or locker to get an instant hair refresh between classes. By removing excess grease and adding volume to your style, your hair will be looking fresh all day in the hallways.

BAND-AID Brand SKIN-FLEX Adhesive Bandages

Accidents happen…always. Be prepared for anything with the new skin-like BAND-AID Brand SKIN-FLEX Adhesive Bandages that provide superior wound protection. Designed to dry almost instantly and move like a second skin, you don’t have to worry about a distraction in classes.

BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry

Students no longer have to fear smearing their class notes! BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry pens dry three times faster to stop smearing, keeping your notes looking clean and neat up until finals week.

BIC Velocity 

Mistake makers finally have a pencil with an eraser that won’t run out before the lead. The BIC Velocity pencil has soft grip and a 75% larger eraser to help you erase your mistakes all year long.


Back to school means back to germs…when coughs and sore throats strike HALLS KIDS Pops are the ideal choice to have on hand. New HALLS KIDS Pops in three kid-friendly flavors and two varieties: HALLS KIDS Cough & Sore Throat Pops are available in Cherry & Strawberry flavors and HALLS KIDS Vitamin C Pops in Orange.

Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

From hanging up projects from art class to decorating a dorm room, Scotch Wall-Safe Tape sticks securely and removes cleanly, allowing you to display what you want without the worry of damaging your walls.

Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes 

Jazz up notebooks, school projects, and more with the must-have colors and patterns of Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes which allow you to add personality to any project.

Screen Shot 2017 09 02 at 7.28.37 AMSydney Paige 

As families get ready for back-to-school season, thousands of children will go without the proper school supplies. Sydney Paige has a mission to not only develop community awareness around this but provide children with the essential tools they need in order to receive a proper education.

Through their Buy One/Give One program, Sydney Paige donates a matching bag filled with school supplies to a child in need every time a purchase is made.

Sending kids back to school can be expensive when living near or below the poverty line. Fortunately, organizations such as Sydney Paige help alleviate this issue for struggling families.

By offering impoverished children educational tools, Sydney Paige’s backpacks can help raise their self-esteem, adopt a better attitude towards learning, and give them confidence.


TIME For Kids The Big Book of How presents kids 8-12 years old with answers to the kinds of intriguing questions that appeal to their sense of curiosity. Colorful graphics, spectacular photos and clear, engaging diagrams will help answer such questions as: How does a chameleon change colors?; How can a person survive in the jungle?; How do you build a teepee?; How do diamonds form?; How do light sticks work?; How are 3-D movies made?; How do astronauts train for a space mission?; How do we get cavities?; How does solar energy work?

Divided by subject area-from animals, the human body and technology to sports, food and green issues-kids will discover the background behind the questions through the book’s photos, diagrams and art as well as its clear text. Of course, TIME For Kids goes beyond just answering the question, and engages kids with hands-on activities at the end of each chapter that bring life to a topic or idea they just read about. For example: If in the technology chapter kids learn how an airplanefl ies, the “How to” spread might include step-by-step instructions about how to fold a paper airplane or create a rotating helicopter. TIME For Kids The Big Book of How is a must-have book to satisfy the most curious of kids. Available October 17, 2017.

61ORw1HmUeL. SX337 BO1204203200Zoo Camp Puzzle

Nine-year-old twins Ava and Rosie are headed for adventure. City kids, they don’t know what to expect from a small zoo in Iowa-and they have to live there for the rest of the year while their mom writes a book! Being away from the busy city and their friends feels like punishment, but Dad sets up a project for them all-running a zoo camp for students to attend during spring break. That could be cool, but as they’re getting ready, the kids realize that some of the animals are missing! They’ll have to solve the mystery-fast-before the campers arrive.

Perfect for reluctant, challenged, and newly fluent readers, the Animal Planet Adventures chapter book series combines fun animal mysteries with cool nonfiction sidebars that relate to the stories, bringing the best of the animal world to young readers. With full-color illustrations and photographs throughout.

Collect all of the Animal Planet Adventures books, including Amy and Elliott’s story Puppy Rescue Riddle. Available September 2017.

Spot the Difference Animal Puzzles

Sharpen those pencils! TIME For Kids delivers hours and hours of puzzle fun with more than 100 spot the difference picture puzzles featuring adorable animals with serious awww factor.

Full-color photographs of pet puppies, farm-frolicking lambs and dozens of other super adorable animals are paired with must-know facts on every page of this super-value activity book.

Entertainment for the whole family, kids can test their observation and concentration skills as they compare two pictures, spot the differences between them, and circle the changed elements. Don’t forget to check the easy-to-use answer key in the back of the book to make sure you spotted them all. Available February 2018.