For the Dorm

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.53.03 AMGeorge Foreman® 5 Serving, Classic-Plate Grill

Create nutritious meals in minutes with the George Foreman® 5 Serving, Classic-Plate Grill. Its patented slope helps knock out the fat as you cook. The George Tough™ nonstick coating lets you cook oil-free, while the variable temperature control allows for precise cooking versatility. This grill features an adjustable cooking height hinge for cooking juicy burgers or thick sandwiches. The dishwasher-safe grease tray helps make cleanup a snap. Available at Walmart for $37.99.


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.54.15 AMThe George Foreman® 2 serving, Classic-Plate Grill

Give the gift that helps to prepare healthy meals. The George Foreman® 2 serving, Classic-Plate Grill, with a patented slope to help knock out the fat as you cook! George Tough” nonstick coating lets you cook oil-free. A dishwasher-safe grease tray helps make cleanup a snap and perfect for that dorm room! Available at Walmart for $18.88.





Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 10.27.12 AM

College students need comfort to restore their minds and bodies during a busy school year. Technogel, a company based in Pittsburgh, is revolutionizing the sleep category with its industry-first gel technology that redefines the meaning of truly comfortable sleep. Technogel’s premium line of pillows are made with a pure layer of the company’s innovative gel material, which works to keep the body at an optimal sleeping temperature, and an ultra-plush memory foam base to gently cradle the sleeper. The pillows helps relieve pressure and allows the sleeper to wake up feeling refreshed and ultimately ready to face the day ahead! Technogel’s current pillow line features five models that are available at independent retailers across the country.


Wisk PowerBlasts 
Screen Shot 2013 08 18 at 7.05.12 AM

Wisk PowerBlasts are perfect for college students as they are convenient, easy to use and come in a single dose pac. Wisk PowerBlasts are so easy to use, even for someone who has never done laundry. Parents can feel confident sending their kids back to school with Wisk PowerBlasts as they clean beyond visible stains and attack trapped body oil and sweat that other detergents leave behind. Whether it’s grease left from late night pizza or sweat on your athletic uniform, Wisk PowerBlasts deep clean so that any mess can be eliminated.



HuMn_Wallet_Mini_085HuMn 2 Wallet

HuMn 2 Wallet is a sleek, minimalist wallet that is designed with aluminum or carbon-fiber plates and a durable elastic shock strap to take the place of a traditional leather bi-fold wallet. The contemporary design provides all the necessary functions of a wallet and eliminates the bulkiness and inconvenience of traditional wallets. It’s practical by allowing access to the items you need in a concise and efficient manner. The HuMn 2 Wallet can be configured in one, two or three powder-coated aluminum or carbon-fiber plates in a variety of colors — allowing complete customization. The plates protect you from electronic theft by shielding your credit cards from EMI and RFID skimming. And despite being small and streamlined, the wallet can accommodate all world notes. The new carbon fiber HuMn Mini wallet offers all the features of the HuMn2, but in an even smaller package. The HuMn wallet is priced between $76-$114; for more info, visit


Honeywell with Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan 

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 10.52.24 AM

The *new* Honeywell with Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan provides both effective cooling and quiet operation, and also uses Febreze® Set&Refresh® scent cartridges for whole room odor elimination and freshening. The small, table-top fan is the perfect product for a tight space in need of a pick-me-up. The Honeywell with Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan is only $29.99 at Walmart & Target. Also available in a larger size for larger, common space.


ChillOut® Fan

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 10.52.31 AM

Cooling off this summer just got – COLORFUL! Just in time to beat the heat – and perfect for college students heading back to dorms – the ChillOut® Fan is here with a new, sleek, colorful design!

Now available exclusively at Target stores, the ChillOut Fan comes in four bold colors for $16.99. The two-speed mini tower comes with easy-to-use front knob controls, and its small base makes it perfect for desks, kitchen counters, bedside tables and more.


Honeywell True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 10.52.36 AM

This *new* Honeywell True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover is perfect for smaller rooms and features powerful air cleaning technology in a smaller, more affordable size.

Allergens can be a major interruption to your daily life– but maintaining indoor air quality shouldn’t be. The new Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifiers provide trusted allergen, germ and odor reduction by capturing up to 99.97% of microscopic airborne particles that pass through the filter (as small as 0.3 microns – 250x smaller than the width of a human hair!).


Honey-Can-Do Large Pop-Open Spiral Hamper
Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 7.46.53 AM

Pop star. Sure to be a hit in any dorm, this hamper pops up for use, then packs flat for storage. It’s done in a nylon mesh material so dirty clothes can ventilate, lessening icky mildew and odors. Buy now.










AFP Frame - Opened HAwkward Family Photos Picture Frame

What better way for college kids to keep their families near to them? Based on, one of the world’s most popular comedy websites with 15 million visitors monthly, the Picture Frame Kit encourages people to ‘celebrate their awkwardness’ and proudly display their most awkward family photos.

In addition to a 5” x 7” frame made from 100% recycled gameboards, the kit includes three stickered plaques, a collage of hysterical photos and a ‘Behind the Awkwardness’ section where people can document the story, behind their photo. The kit is currently available on for $19.99.


Honey-Can-Do 10-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer- Blue/White
Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 7.50.23 AM

Keep clutter at bay by using every available inch of space. This smart shoe organizer hangs vertically, tidying up that closet floor. Or think outside the shoe box and use this organizer for your scarves, gloves, craft supplies, small toys, or handheld electronics. Buy now.


Honey-Can-Do Foldable Square Hamper-Blue/Purple Stripe
Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 7.53.20 AM

Tired of not having a hamper as trendy as that of your friends? Your pain stops now. This retro style hamper will be the talk of your dorm once other residents get a peek at this beauty. This “shades of blue” striped pattern creates the look you want while providing the durability and functionality that you demand from a laundry hamper. Heavy duty straps allow you to tote this baby around the house or around the block. Don’t be alarmed by the “oohs” and “aahs” that follow you as you bring your soiled laundry to the laundromat or your building’s laundry room. All this at a price that won’t cause you to lose your shirt.


Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 9.50.51 AM

WallPops, the premiere line of peel-and-stick wall art from Brewster Home Fashions, has a new Back-to-School line featuring trendy decals, dry erase organizer kits and stylish wall art kits perfect for students to stay organized and look good while they do it! The Four Piece Organizer kits (below) come complete with an embellished Dry Erase Board, Dry Erase Monthly and Weekly Calendars and a corkboard with coordinating push pins. Students can use these kits to plan their weekend, keep track of their exam schedule and pin their favorite photos. These kits retail for $26.99 and are available at and select retailers


Jill Martin Set of 50 Space-Saving Flocked Hangers
Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 7.55.55 AM

Keep your closet organized with the help of these space-saving hangers. Their flocked surface prevents clothes from slipping, while their slim design keeps things neat. From Jill Martin.

  • Includes 25 shirt hangers and 25 all-purpose hangers
  • Measurements: Shirt hangers 17″L x 4-1/2″H x 1/8″W; All-purpose 17-1/2″L x 9-3/4″H x 1/8″W
  • Made in China

Buy now.


Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 10.30.31 AM

ThermaCELL has released a line of elegantly design lanterns that light up the yard with a soft soothing glow all the while warding off mosquitoes and other biting insects! Mosquitoes are able to ruin an outdoor picnic, BBQ, pool party or any outside event in a matter of moments. By simply lighting a ThermaCELL lantern guest and loved ones can spend time outdoors carefree— exactly the way they should. This silent, odorless and decorative lantern provides a safe 15 x15 ft. comfort zone. The elegant new design of the bronze lantern not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and invites people outside without the concern of being bombarded by bugs. (MSRP $22.99) Set the lantern on a table, line patio steps or hang from a tree and enjoy! For more information on ThermaCELL’s complete line of products store locations visit  or call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837).


Jill Martin Wall Hanging Framed Jewelry Holder with Push Pins
Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 7.58.52 AM

Distinctive and fashionable, this framed jewelry holder comes with push pins to hang your jewelry, notes, and other knick-knacks. The fun accent looks fabulous on any bedroom wall. From Jill Martin.

  • Includes framed jewelry holder and push pins
  • Measures 20″H x 16″W
  • Made in China

Buy now.




PRO-LAB Allergen Test Kit
Package e1377218941296

PRO-LAB Allergen Test Kit is a MUST HAVE for students moving into dorm rooms this fall. Many dorm rooms are cleaned inadequately (if at all) between occupants, leaving them at high risk for containing mold and other allergens that could be detrimental to a student’s classroom performance, not to mention their health. Because of the nature of college students and their cleaning habits, seemingly harmless bad habits like leaving damp laundry on the carpet or poorly addressing spilled liquids can lead to health risk for future inhabitants that would be invisible until the allergy symptoms began to surface.

A quick and simple step every parent can take to identify this threat is to utilize an allergen test kit in their child’s new room to determine whether a change should be requested, or if a professional cleaning is in order.


SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

Screen Shot 2013 08 18 at 7.53.27 AM

An indoor basketball hoop with the look, function and durability of a pro-grade basket. Mini basketball and over the door basketball will never be the same–goodbye nerf basketball nets. Pro Mini Hoop is perfect for the home, office or dorm. Complete indoor basketball set comes with 5″ Mini Hoop Ball. Learn more.


DOM_423R_Dome_RedDome Alarm Clock (Newgate Clocks)

This fantastic retro alarm clock with convex acrylic lens will sit quietly on your bedside table until just the right time. The tulip stand is reminiscent of design classics we have all grown to know and love. Designed and manufactured by the clock aficionados at Newgate. Requires 1AA battery (not included)


Max_redMax Heater/Fan (Stadler Form Swizz Style)

Max is a reliable fan heater capable of being just a fan during the summer and a toasty heater during the winter. This space heater is quiet and elegant. He sits solidly on 3 metal weighted legs. Max’s design and functionality works well with contemporary offices or homes. He definitely adds a splash of color and flare with his award winning contemporary design. His bright red is a welcome respite from the gray winter months. This space heater is especially helpful during the seasonal transition, when central heat is not quite needed

Sodastream’s home soda machines allow you to make your own soda, seltzer or virtually any kind of carbonated drink right from home.  This cool, do-it-yourself gadget comes with reusable carbonating bottles, so it’s an easy way to do your part to save the planet. SodaStream machines don’t use batteries or electricity, so they are perfect for traveling, camping, boating and cook-outs.