4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Fast Fashion

4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is all about making a quick buck at the expense of workers and quality clothing. This ongoing trend leads to literal tons of clothes in landfills and underpaid employees worldwide. From getting thrifty to shopping from ethical brands, here are four things you can do to avoid fast fashion.

Get Thrifty

A trip to the thrift store is a fun way to spend an afternoon and a great way to keep clothes out of landfills. You can also score some excellent deals on otherwise expensive items, making shopping for secondhand clothes a no-brainer! With the recent creation of online thrift stores, searching for deals on great clothes has never been easier.

Buy Less, But Better

Fast fashion is built on the idea that you need to purchase clothes that fit every fad as soon as they come out to avoid getting caught with an out-of-style look. One of the best ways to stand up against this practice is to ignore the trends and focus on buying high-quality clothing that you’ll wear for years. This also means you don’t have to buy as much over time, saving money in the long run.

Donate Old Clothes

There’s no reason to throw away clothes you don’t wear anymore! Instead, allow someone else to enjoy your outfits by donating to local thrift stores. Give them a quick wash and once-over to confirm they’re in good condition and put your clothes back into circulation.

Shop From Ethical Brands

You can save yourself an ethical conundrum by doing a little research before making any purchases. When you see a top you like, do a quick Google search to confirm that it was made by a company devoted to fair wages and sustainability. There are plenty of ethical clothing brands to follow, from Rachel Roy to Patagonia!

Now that you know these four things you can do to avoid fast fashion, enjoy guilt-free clothes shopping!