Fun Weekend Activities for Children With Autism

Fun Weekend Activities for Children With Autism

For children with autism, participating in activities that involve the senses and building social skills can be highly beneficial. These activities can improve your child’s attention span, reduce anxiety, and help boost their self-confidence. Parents, you can also benefit from these activities to help further support your child and understand their likes, dislikes, and interests.

During summer vacation, children with autism spectrum disorder may benefit from sensory activities during the day to help soothe them from their regular routine.

Let’s look at four fun weekend activities for children with autism to do during downtime or slow summer days. 

Play With Pool Noodles

One of the cheapest and most versatile ways to entertain your child is by supplying them with pool noodles. You can use the pool noodles as blocks to stack, mini boats for racing, or light sabers for battles! Let your child’s imagination run wild this weekend when you supply them with pool noodles. 

Make Edible Candy Jewelry

A yummy weekend activity for your child is making candy jewelry with their favorite candy treats. Make necklaces, bracelets, or rings with candy laces and licorice, and decorate them with other candies! Encourage your child to use motor skills by threading Lifesavers onto licorice shoelaces to create the ultimate, delicious bracelet.

Create Sensory Water Bottles

Fill a water bottle (plastic or reusable) and create a mixture of water, glitter, food coloring, and more to create an enticing visual toy for your child. You can drop in a few marbles or rocks and seal the lid with hot glue to prevent your creation from flying out! 

Your child will love this fun weekend activity while using their engagement skills and staying focused on the task. Make a bottle with your kid and enjoy this special bonding moment.

Have an Obstacle Course Day

Make a simple but fun list of activities your child must do to make it to the finish line. You can create an entertaining backyard obstacle course that makes use of activities your child may already be familiar with and enjoy. These activities can include bean bag tossing, jumping rope, or balancing an egg on a spoon. This is an excellent activity to share with friends to practice socialization and engagement skills.

Don’t spend the summer wasting the day away. Spend time doing these four weekend activities for children with autism to help them practice their skills outside of a school setting while still having fun.