How To Best Help Someone Move Out of Their Place

How To Best Help Someone Move Out of Their Place

Moving is an unpleasant but inevitable part of life for most people. Rarely will you meet someone who enjoys the moving process, especially if they have to do it on their own. That’s why most people ask close friends and family for help—it’s a large job to take on your own. If you’ve volunteered your services to someone close to you, you probably want to know how to best help someone move out of their place. We’ve got a few suggestions that should help the situation.

Take Care of the Trash

When you move, you typically need to leave a lot of things behind to make space. The person moving often has the responsibility of going through everything they own and then disposing of what they don’t need. You can help out a lot by volunteering for this job. Once they separate their possessions into keep, trash, or donate, you can haul away their trash, donate their old clothes, or schedule an organization like the Purple Heart Pickup to grab the stuff they no longer need.

Watch Over Their Little Ones

Sometimes, the gift of space and time is much more valuable than the sweat of your brow. Whether your friend has children or pets, dealing with little ones while trying to pack and move can be a huge hassle. Without having to break your back, you can help immensely by watching over your friend’s dependents so that they don’t continually get in the way and make the process take even longer than it otherwise would.

Be On Food Delivery Duty

Packing up and moving is hungry business. Your friend is going to need fuel to get through the absolute worst parts of it. If they don’t want help with the actual packing or moving aspects of the job, you can always be their personal food delivery person. Take away some of the annoyance of getting food, and you give them more uninterrupted time to work.

Provide Boxes Whenever Possible

No move is complete without stacks upon stacks of cardboard boxes. You could buy these if you really wanted to, but boxes are so commonplace that you could simply save all your old boxes for their move. Small ones are great for silverware, trinkets, and desk supplies. Larger ones will help with moving clothes, sheets, and small pieces of furniture.

Help With the Heavy Lifting

When it really comes down to it, one of the best ways to help someone move is to get your hands dirty and start moving things for them. It’s not a fun or glamorous job, but a good friend will remember the effort you put in to help them out. Everyone needs at least one more pair of hands to help them move things like larger boxes or furniture.