How To Keep the Public Safe During Events

How To Keep the Public Safe During Events

An essential part of any public event is safety. Without safety features, accidents could happen. Prevent accidents and other negative outcomes by learning how to keep the public safe during events. When you increase security, people can enjoy your event, no matter what it is.

Create Security Checkpoints for Guests

Guests feel more comfortable at events when there are security checkpoints for entry. Since there is likely more than one place to enter your event, you must ensure each area is guarded by security. Place a table at every entrance so security can inspect people’s bags.

When you establish a security checkpoint, you create a better chance for agitators to confront guards before they put others in danger. It’s easier for guards to catch suspicious activity when there is a barrier between an aggressor and their attempted attack.

Keep a Log of All Attendees and Check Their Identification

Include registration areas at security checkpoints where volunteers keep logs of all attendees’ names and photos. Keeping a list of all in attendance can help verify who is supposed to be there and who is not.

If your event is open to the public, have guests go through a metal detector, and scan their belongings separately for prohibited items. This safety measure will ensure that people only bring safe items into your event.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Accidents happen, and it’s essential to prepare for any situation. Get together with your event planning team to make an emergency evacuation plan for inclement weather, fires, natural disasters, and other emergencies. This will give everyone at the event peace of mind.

Be sure to document escape routes in your plan, and keep areas clear of clutter and obstacles. Additionally, mark where each group should meet so everyone gets out safely. This is something that you should include to help others stay calm and focused on getting out safely.

Maintain the Perimeter of Buildings

The perimeters of buildings are areas you need to think about as well. When evaluating the area, consider the public streets. Say there’s traffic going in and out of the area during the event’s peak times; you will want an extra layer of security to help get guests across the street safely.

Before a guest crosses the road, someone must control traffic. You can use lighted bollards at your event for extra safety. A lighted bollard lights paths up to keep traffic moving and your guests aware of where they’re walking. This is one way to improve safety at public events. Keep your guests safe and have a fun time while running your event.

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