How To Prepare a Semi-Truck for the Winter

How To Prepare a Semi-Truck for the Winter

Trucking is a job that comes with a fair share of difficulties and safety concerns. Driving a large, long, heavy piece of machinery isn’t easy, and you may encounter additional problems when the highways turn icy. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare a semi-truck for the winter that can help reduce potential accidents.

Check Your Battery

Colder temperatures cause batteries to drain faster, so it’s typically wise to check the condition of your battery before heading out. Firmly attach your battery and ensure there are no visible signs of corrosion. If everything looks right, you should be good to drive. If there seem to be any problems, you may want to replace the battery.

Use Fuel Additives

One way to prepare a semi-truck for the winter is by using fuel additives to prevent unfortunate side effects from the cold weather. When using a diesel engine, diesel fuel is prone to gelling in colder temperatures, which reduces engine efficiency. Invest in some anti-gel additives for the winter when you’re looking to add to the tank.

Inspect Your Tires

Tires keep our vehicles running, and things can go wrong very quickly if something happens to them. Colder temperatures frequently reduce tire pressure, so it’s a smart idea to give every tire on your truck a thorough inspection. Check the pressure, look for any cracks, and ensure that they still have tread to maintain friction with the road.

Stock Up on Winter Supplies

You can’t always prevent an accident, and it’s crucial to prepare for a breakdown on a winter road. You want to keep an array of helpful items in your cab. Gloves, blankets, a warm coat, a beanie, and other things to keep you warm will prove extremely beneficial in the cold. Having specific winter supplies and a well-stocked roadside kit will be essential in a worst-case scenario.