How To Remain Civil During Divorce

How To Remain Civil During Divorce

There’s nothing easy about a divorce. From the mountains of paperwork to the emotional toll it takes, a divorce can bring out the worst in everyone. But we must resist the urge to give in to our worst impulses for conflict. Here’s how to remain civil during divorce proceedings.

Let Off Steam

Everyone needs to vent now and then. People embroiled in divorce proceedings often need to vent much more than others. Don’t let your spouse bear the brunt of your stress and frustration, which will only escalate tension and lead to a deeply unpleasant and unfavorable appearance in divorce court. Look for activities that will help you let out your feelings in a constructive way.

Hire an Attorney

The rise of the “do-it-yourself” divorce has seen couples forgo legal representation in favor of completing documents that will end a marriage with no acrimony and no legal bills. Just like well-intentioned DIY projects around the house, many of these attempts often result in going back to the professionals. To maintain the utmost professionalism through the proceedings, hire an attorney to handle sensitive issues that could prove incendiary.

Keep Children Out of Conflicts

Disagreements and disputes between separated spouses are common in divorce proceedings, especially when children are involved. However, the presence of kids in tense situations can often throw more gas on the fire. Don’t involve your children in arguments. It isn’t good for them, their development, or their relationships with both of their parents. Avoid arguing in front of your children whenever possible.

What Are the Benefits?

Knowing how to remain civil during divorce has financial and emotional benefits for both spouses. Being able to negotiate in good faith may allow you to bypass a costly and stressful litigation process. Pursuing a collaborative divorce rather than a traditional divorce court hearing will save on court costs—plus, it’s much more likely to ensure positive outcomes for both parties. On top of all that, minimizing the acrimony in the divorce process will keep stress levels low, preserving your health for the road ahead.