Most Common Slip and Fall Hazards in the Spring

Most Common Slip and Fall Hazards in the Spring

Even as springtime rolls around, the risk of slipping and falling remains ever-present. Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time and any place. Don’t let your guard down just because the weather is warming up. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to start spring cleaning and maintenance to reduce slip hazards. Make sure you’re aware of the following common slip and fall hazards in the spring so you can stay safe!

Melting Ice and Snow

As snow and ice melt, they create wet surfaces. However, if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, this can become more of a hazard than in other places. Large snow piles created by snowplows over the winter can continue to melt well into spring, creating big, slippery patches. These patches are a major slip and fall hazard, especially in areas where nighttime temperatures still dip below freezing, and the melt can freeze again.

Damaged, Poorly Maintained Surfaces

When surfaces are not maintained, they can show their damage come springtime. Some surfaces, such as carpets and wood, can become damaged during winter freezes. As snow and ice erode from the materials, they can turn slippery. Without the proper traction, these surfaces can then create a serious risk for individuals. As spring arrives, double-check commonly used surfaces and perform any necessary maintenance to reduce the severe risk of injury.


It’s not only ice and snow melting that can pose a risk for slips and falls. Many areas see an uptick in rainy weather during springtime, and that rain means more opportunities for slipping. Whether in mud or puddles, falling because of rain can cause serious injuries. It is crucial that people take care during wet weather to keep themselves from falling. Spring is the perfect season to break out the rain boots!

People Tracking in Water

One of the most common slip and fall hazards in the spring is the risk of slipping on water that other people tracked in. It’s not uncommon for people to bring the water inside with them, especially in high-traffic areas. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, it’s essential to take precautions to prevent slipping.

Placing a rug out to absorb water in high-traffic areas where people are coming from outdoors is a terrific way to avoid this sort of injury. Even small steps like this one can help prevent injuries that might lead to a personal injury lawsuit and all the expenses that can entail.