Shedding Light: The Top Summer Paint Colors for Your Home

Shedding Light: The Top Summer Paint Colors for Your Home

If you love summer like most people do, then make sure your home matches that excitement. Your home is an extension of your personality, so if you love summer, then your home should, too. One of our favorite ways to do that is by slathering some new paint on the walls, ceilings, doors, or floors. Bring some life into your living spaces with these top summer paint colors for your home. Changing the color on the walls is the best way to transform your home for the summer season.

Vibrant Greens

Want to make a statement? Go for green walls. The deep saturation of a vibrant green perfectly accentuates the vibrancy of summer. Use it in your mudroom, sunroom, or bathroom or even as an accent wall in your bedroom. Sage and jade green are both great choices to boost your mood and bring some summery energy to the space.

Bright Reds

There aren’t many times where a vibrant, bright red works in the home. But summertime is an exception. Paint the door out to the backyard a stunning, gleaming red. Paint some of your furniture in your cream living room red to get another bright kick. The smallest bit of red can make a big statement to your space.

Sunshine Hues

If you’re a fan of sunshine (okay, who isn’t?), then these summer paint colors are musts for your home. When we think of sunshine hues, melon tones, warm oranges, soft pinks, and pale yellows come to mind. Bring those hues to life in your home. Paint your kitchen a soft orange, or introduce some pale yellows to feel as though you’re in the middle of the sun. You could also bring some of these colors into each room and leave guests following a sun streak.

Classic Blue

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue, which makes it a top summer paint color for your home. Most people choose muted or pale blues, but warmer temperatures and summer sun inspire the use of bolder colors. Delve into this color’s vibrancy and paint your cabinets or your island base Classic Blue to give a spark of life to the room.

Calm Neutrals

Neutrals are always good choices, but if you’re going for the fresh, clean look of summer, then they’re musts. The best part is that summer neutrals are still light—and you can go beyond white. Bring some buttercream yellows into your room, or paint a room bright white rather than eggshell. Go for pale beige, cool gray, or even a soft, subtle blue. Neutrals also give you room to explore pops of color in design.

If any of these colors have sparked your interest, take the plunge and start painting. You can have your paint delivered to ensure safety for you and your family—it’s the smart choice to make during a pandemic. Painting soothes the nerves, so make your home match your recently soothed personality.

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