Sonus Complete Reviews—Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy [2022 Update]

Sonus Complete Reviews

Tinnitus is the medical term for a buzzing sound or ringing in your ears. Some just refer to this condition as “ringing in the ears.”  You can hear more than just ringing or constant noise, though. People who have tinnitus may also hear these types of sounds:

  • Roaring
  • Constant buzzing
  • Whistling
  • Hissing

As a result, your mental health can also be affected by this unbearable sound.

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What Causes Tinnitus?

The most common cause of tinnitus is ear damage, specifically to your middle or inner ear.

Your middle ear picks up sound waves, and the conduction of these sound waves will prompt your inner ear to transmit electrical impulses to your brain. Any damage to your eardrums or even the little bones in the middle ear can interfere with the proper conduction of sound. 

Who Gets Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is more common than you think and it has been reported in all age groups, even young children. In fact, about 30% of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives but the number of people who live with persistent tinnitus is approximately 13%. Tinnitus is more common in those who already have some sort of hearing loss or other ear problem.

How is Tinnitus Diagnosed?

Be sure to see your doctor if you have any sort of hearing loss. Your physician will refer you to an audiologist who will check your ears and conduct a hearing test to diagnose if your condition is indeed tinnitus. They will transmit various sounds through a set of headphones to each of your ears, one at a time. It’s a similar test you may have taken in elementary school. You have to respond by raising your hand when you hear a sound in your ear.

Your hearing specialist may be able to diagnose the cause of your tinnitus by simply comparing what you can hear to what people of your age and sex should be able to hear.

Finally, they may use imaging tests to see if you have any type of deformities or even damage to your ears from tumors, blood vessel disorders, or other abnormalities that can affect your hearing.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Tinnitus?

Drug therapy is the first option for the treatment of tinnitus. It might be able to help reduce the ringing in your ears. Tricyclic antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax and nortriptyline, have been found to minimize the ringing you hear. But there are adverse side effects to taking these drugs including nausea, weight loss, and low energy levels. 

Some people have found that noise-suppression machines may help dull the ringing or buzzing by providing relaxing noises to mask your ear sounds. Another potential treatment of tinnitus is hearing aids. They can be beneficial for some people with hearing loss or tinnitus. 

Looking for other forms of relief from tinnitus? Depending on the severity of tinnitus, you may want to consider a product such as Sonus Complete, which is a complete tinnitus supplement.

Tinnitus can be incredibly annoying and make it hard for some people to hear properly. That can keep them from doing activities they love, like listening to music, watching movies, holding conversations, or even going to sleep. Because of the constant ringing in their ears, tinnitus can make life very difficult, and while it may seem like there is not a safe or successful treatment for it, Sonus Complete has been designed specifically to help with this ear ringing health problem. 

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Many Sonus Complete reviews tend to overlook answering some important questions:

  • Does Sonus Complete really work?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Is Sonus Complete legitimate? Or is it a scam and like other fake products on the market?
  • Who created Sonus Complete?
  • What are the ingredients and its health benefits?
  • How about the price?
  • How long does it take for Sonus Complete to work?

We provide the answers to these questions and more in this Sonus Complete Review below.

How Does Sonus Complete Work?

Tinnitus comes and goes for most people at some time in their life, but for others, it sticks with them, being an annoyance and a serious health problem. How can someone live their life comfortably if their ears are constantly making a sound that they cannot stop? Many people suffer so severely from this ear ringing that they take powerful drugs over the counter or with a prescription that may dampen the sounds but can also cause severe side effects. No one wants to deal with side effects that are just as bad as the medical problem, but that is where some people are.

Sonus Complete is known as well by the name Silence Complete, and it uses a variety of natural herbs and other safe, natural ingredients to produce powerful, effective results. This is a product that has been extensively studied and chosen for use by esteemed organizations.

Sonus Complete does not just dampen the effects of chronic tinnitus and quiet the ringing in the ears. It also deals with the symptoms, helping to alleviate the painfulness and annoyance that this medical condition can cause. Sonus Complete repairs damage done to brain cells, alleviates pain, and heals the body. It works on the nervous system to target the root cause of tinnitus, helping to repair the damage that may have been done weeks or even years ago. The body is already working to heal the damage on its own, but it is not always successful. It can sometimes lack the proper tools to do the job it is supposed to, and Sonus Complete can supply those tools.

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Sonus Complete Ingredient List:

Sonus contains a blend of vitamins and organic ingredients that have antioxidant effects which may help with alleviating the ringing you hear. Below is the ingredient list. 

Hawthorn Berry and Hibiscus:

These two herbal ingredients are the backbone of the Sonus Complete formulation. They are proven to help tinnitus symptoms fast by working on the nervous system in the body. Studies suggest hibiscus has antibacterial, anti-oxidant, diuretic and anti-hypertensive effects. It is regarded as safe. Hawthorn is a plant in which the leaves, flowers, and berries have been traditionally used to treat heart-related conditions and digestive issues, as well as lower blood pressure. These two ingredients can also ease a panic attack as well if you have a case of anxiety. 

Bucha Leaves, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6:

These important nutrients are proven to help with brain connections and overall brain function. The buchu leaf helps in managing high blood pressure, while Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are health supplements that can help improve neural connections that help tinnitus.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin has been known to help improve blood flow and blood circulation to those parts that have been affected by tinnitus. It will also alleviate any insomnia pains that you feel in your ear.

Olive Leaf Extract:

Feeling “out of it” or confused is a symptom often associated with tinnitus and the olive leaf extract can help with this particular symptom.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract is well known for its antioxidant properties that help relieve brain fog in tinnitus sufferers. The leaves of this tea also contain epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is known to prevent cell damage. 


As many tinnitus sufferers have issues with sound sleep, garlic can actually help individuals sleep much more sound. Garlic also helps ease dizziness.

Vitamin C:

As a very strong anti-oxidant, Vitamin C also help with memory loss issues often seen with individuals with tinnitus. Vitamin C is also important for bones, connective tissue, muscles, blood vessels. It helps the body absorb iron which is needed for red blood cell production.

Juniper Berry:

This is another herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been found to be useful to treat hearing-related problems. This herbal ingredient has neuroprotective, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial effects. 

Uva Ursi:

This natural ingredient has been used to treat urinary tract infections and remains a natural alternative for Native Americans. Uva ursi is also used for problems with the urinary tract or to help with hard stools. 


The final vitamin in this ingredient list is niacin, or vitamin B3, which is a naturally occurring vitamin in greens, meat, fish, and poultry. It provides smooth muscle relaxation as well as increased blood circulation to tiny blood vessels supplying the inner ear, which could help treat tinnitus. 

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What are the Side Effects of Sonus Complete?

Any side effects that this product produces need to be made public to consumers. That is part of the reason why this review was written, as informing consumers of all the facts helps them to make a more informed and wiser decision. They can decide for themselves if they want to take the risk and if it is worth it to try this product.

Sonus Complete uses all-natural ingredients and natural products that are safe for people of any age. It is a non-invasive and risk-free supplement. The quantities of each ingredient are below allergy-triggering levels, but you are not advised to take this pill if you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients.

There are no dangerous side effects that you may find in similar products. You may experience mild fatigue, dizziness, headaches, or nausea when you begin taking Sonus Complete as your body adjusts to the powerful ingredients.

In addition, this product should not be used by nursing or pregnant mothers or anyone with a serious medical condition unless they first consult their doctor. Also, if the recommended dosage is exceeded, some mild side effects could occur, but anyone taking the drug as recommended should be perfectly safe. For more details on the complete side effects visit the link below.

Is Sonus Complete a Scam?

There has been some talk about whether this product is a scam, and many consumers are concerned that it won’t be effective for them or that it may not be safe. This review has already covered the safety of the product, so consumers do not need to worry about a scam in that regard. The notion behind this product actually came from the Mensa Society.

Many consumers have already used this product and are tweeting or testifying about their experiences. Consumers can search those reviews online and read about the positive feedback people have for this product.

There are even more positive things being said about Sonus Complete from the professional review side of the industry. Websites all over the place are talking about the product and how effective and safe it is. There is no concern among industry professionals regarding the safety of the product and it will help many people with tinnitus.

It has been shown to be effective already, so anyone worried about a scam or about being taken advantage of needs to just read what is being posted online. Both the consumers and the professionals are saying pretty much just positive things about Sonus Complete.

Consumers may have heard about scams from similar products that were purported to work but then didn’t provide effective results or were simply not safe. There is a risk when trying products that have not been fully tested, but there is no fear of that with Sonus Complete, especially when consumers buy the product directly from the official website.

Sonus Complete Negative Reviews

Sonus Banner

So what about those Sonus Complete bad reviews that appear on several websites, Amazon, and eBay? Unfortunately, a majority of those products are Sonus knockoffs. Users on these websites have indeed been ripped off by these counterfeit products. If you see this product being advertised (or even reviewed) for a 70% discount, chances are it’s a fake product.

Oftentimes, these reviews are genuine. However, fake reviewers do crop up from time to time. The manufacturer has been trying to take down the listings of Sonus knockoffs from Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers. In fact, legal action has been taken against those websites that have made unjustified claims about Sonus.

Who Created This Product?

A tinnitus sufferer actually came up with the idea and helped create the formula for this groundbreaking natural supplement. Gregory Peters was experiencing trouble hearing properly due to his own tinnitus, and this medical librarian decided that there was solution to be found in using natural herbs and other safe components to treat tinnitus.

As a medical librarian at one of the largest universities in the United States for more than 30 years, he had access to hundreds of brilliant doctors, students, medical experts, and research documents, which he used to delve into deeper studies about his condition. That’s when he learned that hearing aids, anti-depressants, acupuncture, meditation, sound therapy, and most herbal remedies only mask the symptoms of tinnitus without providing any real results because tinnitus doesn’t actually have to do with your ears at all.

According to a study from the University of Iowa, tinnitus is caused by a buzzing across the brain’s communication lines, which are responsible for making sure vital brain signals are strong enough to move from one side of the brain to the other so that your body functions properly. That’s when Peters connected with one of the world’s most respected brain health specialists to develop a treatment.

His goal of making a safe and effective dietary supplement for tinnitus paid off, as Sonus Complete is now considered one of the best treatments for the medical condition.

This is a complete supplement that was created for the sole purpose of helping people to experience less pain and hearing loss from the medical condition of tinnitus.

Dr. Steven Campbell is a member of MENSA, the famous IQ organization, and his IQ is only one point below Einstein’s. Dr. Campbell had also been suffering from tinnitus and memory loss for years, but he had cured his conditions using a top-secret protocol that only MENSA members and government officials know about, which stops tinnitus and the symptoms of brain network diseases in addition to protecting your intelligence.

The secret formula was only available to 3% of the world’s population, but Dr. Campbell and Peters worked together to replicate the formula in order to bring it to the greater public. That is how Sonus Complete was born.

As common as this problem is, there should be a way for it to be treated and the effects reversed. True healing can happen in the blood cells and in the nervous system, but it can only happen safely when using natural substances rather than manmade chemicals.

That was the goal behind this dietary supplement and its creation. It stands apart from other natural supplements with similar effects because of how it was designed and how the creator worked hard to ensure that manmade chemicals were kept out of the formula. Not every tinnitus treatment had that mandate during the creation stage, so Sonus Complete is different from much of its competition in that regard. That is why no prescription is required in order to buy this product.

The Price of Sonus Complete (Money-Back Guarantee!)

The cost of this natural supplement is $69.

For those interested in a bulk purchase and the possibility of a discount, the manufacturers are running a deal currently that gives you three bottles for just $59 each. For even greater savings, consumers can take advantage of the six-pack deal that gives them bottles of Sonus Complete for only $49 apiece.

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This is the best deal available, and anyone who thinks that this might be the complete supplement for them for treating tinnitus should definitely consider going with the bulk purchase deal. There is no guarantee that these low prices will be available indefinitely.

What is guaranteed, however, is that any consumers who buy this all-natural solution and are not completely satisfied can get their money back within 60 days. Yes, they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This means that this is a risk-free product.

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Sonus Complete Dosage & Tips:

Users are recommended to take two capsules every morning after breakfast. It is best to take these capsules with water. Never take a dose higher than that and also make it a point to take the dose daily.

Of course, every person responds differently to a supplement. While some users may start experiencing the benefits within a few days, others may take longer.

You should try the product for at least 30 days before coming to a conclusion about the product’s benefits.

Sonus Complete Real Customer Reviews

From the 47,000 users of this dietary supplement here are two reviews:

Ashley Reilly from Alabama said: The ringing in my ears was excruciating! It wasn’t even really a ring anymore, more like a constant roar. I couldn’t hear anything else, I couldn’t sleep at night, and I was just going insane overall. I was doing sound therapy multiple times a week trying to get a little bit of relief, but the problem only got worse. I tried to ask my doctor if there was anything else I could try, but he kept recommending the same treatments. That’s when I searched around a bit and found Sonus Complete. I knew after the first day that this was my answer. One month later, all of the ringing was gone. I will never stop taking this supplement! I’ve never felt better in my entire life.

Brain Matthews from Oregon said: My tinnitus came on out of nowhere. I was so confused because it wasn’t triggered by any sort of loud noise. I thought maybe it would go away after a few days, but it was only getting worse with each passing week. I’m only 40 years old, so I really didn’t want to resort to getting a hearing aid yet, and sound therapy wasn’t doing anything. I asked everyone I knew if they had ever experienced anything like this, and luckily one of my relatives had had the same issue. She told me about Sonus Complete, and the rest is history. The ringing in my ears was completely gone within a week. I figured I was completely cured, but she told me to keep taking it every day anyway. I’m so glad I did because my mind has never been sharper. I’m so thankful I found this product. It’s truly been life-saving!

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The Verdict on Sonus Complete

Should consumers give this a try to alleviate their tinnitus condition? Since this review already covered how effective and how safe the supplement is, it seems prudent to recommend it to anyone hoping to get rid of the symptoms of tinnitus. In addition to improving your mental health, it can also provide better detoxification to your body and strengthen your neural connections and connective tissues. 

Unlike some other medications made for the same medical condition, Sonus offers complete relief and actually works on the root problems behind this medical malady. It heals brain cells and prevents tinnitus from even occurring, making it ideal for people who have tried other methods and have not seen successful results.

Sonus Complete is made only with natural substances and no synthetic ingredients. It has been shown through consumer use and through laboratory testing to be effective, and there have been no serious reported negative side effects.

It is easy for us to give this well-reviewed product a thumbs up. Best of all it has an affordable price. However, consumers are urged to do the research for themselves. Since Sonus Complete offers a 60-Day 100% money-back guarantee, you can give this product a try risk-free to see if it can change your life and the way you hear.

You will likely be amazed at how quickly the ringing stops and how effective this supplement is at producing a permanent change in the hearing and in eliminating symptoms caused by tinnitus.

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