Thrilling Hobbies To Pick up in the New Year

Thrilling Hobbies To Pick up in the New Year

Many people suffered from acute boredom in 2020. Unfortunately, crafting isn’t exciting enough for some. If you need something that gets your heart racing, try out these thrilling hobbies to pick up in the new year. You don’t have to scrapbook all day to fill your time; there are more exciting things you can do.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the perfect hobby for you if you aren’t afraid of heights. In addition to filling your time, you’ll get a great workout. However, you must be extra cautious given the current climate. Do your best to find a gym that is following precautions. Ensure that the place is sanitizing every rock and surface on the wall. You’ll feel quite the thrill when you’re moving from rock to rock several feet in the air.


Perhaps physical activity isn’t your thing. If this is the case, then give metalworking a try. Metal fabricators create beautiful art that’s hard to find elsewhere. The only catch is that you’ll need the proper equipment to pursue this activity. Maybe you know a metal shop employee who will allow you to use the equipment. If not, think about buying a plasma cutter. Make sure that you can afford it and follow safety tips when using a plasma cutter so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process.


Another thrilling hobby to pick up in the new year is riding an ATV. ATVs can get your adrenaline pumping because they’re all-terrain vehicles, meaning you can drive them on the sand or dirt. You can even ride them in the snow if you live in a cold area. If you decide to take up this pastime, make sure you follow these safety rules:

  • Always wear a helmet and other personal protective equipment.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and only use the ATV for what it was intended.
  • Never take on too many additional passengers or put anyone in danger.